Comodo Mobile: Firewall will break Google Play Store App Download and Update!

I AM using Comodo Mobile Security on Lollipop 5.5 Comodo version: 3.4.3209 but I cannot use Firewall. If I activate Firewall App are unable to update in Google Play Store as seems connection is refused.

So I cannot use Firewall, when this Issue can be resolved?

I presume the above is the reason why, until CMS is back in google you cannot change anything.


OK Maybe Google has removed CMS has the Firewall BUG is dangerous. Once activated also CMS but also all app are unable to update. Maybe can be also removed for other reason I don’t know. Hope the Firewall bug will be soon fixed.

I was unaware about Comodo is now temporary removed from Google Play Store. Bad things.

Not a BUG - users of FW should be aware that after activation policy is either all blocked or all enabled …
Comodo as a FW developer, adopted default of block all. One only needs to unblock Google Play and Google Play services.

as told in other your post this is an issue and serious issue is not normal. I can ensure with the Firewall active all work fine: Whatsapp, web browser just only Google Play not works. What you are saing has no sense for me, you says the Firewall of comodo block all internet on the phone so you need unlock manually all app you want to work. This has no sense sorry, I don’t agree with your message and I think you are wrong.