Comodo missing on Windows 7 AV List

There, should be there ;D

CIS doesn’t officially support Windows 7 yet, so that is likely the reason.

It depends on which windows 7 version your using

No, officially supported means that Comodo has verified that CIS is completely compatible with Windows 7. When this happens, they will add it to the system requirements. This has not happened yet for any version of Windows 7.

Yes, people are using CIS with Windows 7, but it is not yet officially supported.

It’s the best HIPS for Seven. Online Armor and Kaspersky aren’t working properly, only Comodo does.

Comodo will display in security center in Windows by normally.

But I think Comodo won’t be there because Comodo was Free software that user didn’t paid for.
(Only paid for service and support)

AVG has a free av scanner and is on the list. I think it is the fact that Comodo did not

I agree here.

And yes. CIS works like a charm on Win 7 RC as it did on Win 7 beta.

Yes, skill of CIS system programmers is excellent.

If only the UI designers/developers and marketing department were half as competent… :cry:
Really, those guys should be fired. >:(

Yes they link to AVG website but AVG page didn’t have AVG Free for download.

Note. Ahnlab is a worst security provider, That I ever seen.
Note2. Am I discrediting them ?

Try: Free Antivirus Download for PC | AVG Virus Protection Software to get the free version.

Also with RTM. I think Comodo should be in the list, it’s time for some Comodo there.
Is Melih on holiday or something? Haven’t seem him for a while.

I know that.
But I mean a free Antivirus (from another vendor) didn’t available for downlod from Microsoft website.
And didn’t have a link to the freeware version of AVG.

Now I see what you mean.