Comodo miles ahead

Hi all

The other day i had a bit of spare time on my hands, with the kids and the better half out, i decided
to enbark in a bit of change, bored of Saturday enterainment from the BBC i decided to mess with my set-up.
Hmmm what about giving CFP V3 a whirl, egnoring the fact not to install in an up and running pc, i downloaded and set-up, hmmm didn’t like the fact that SD was installed so i uninstalled.(just have to sit on my hands until the FINAL).

What to do next, so i proceeded to pctools and downloaded their F/W and initialy it seemed good, no lags very good user interface and generaly pretty good software, no intrusive messages poping up every 0.1 of a second set up and ur good to go…then it came to trying the leaktest…for ease of use i used comodo’s, whoops.Uninstall

Then the next Jetico 2.xx, this is a tight firewall but man, every second popup>allow>deny ect…to techy for me, i like the install leave alone kinda thing…uninstall

So the morral of the story, the grass is always greener on the other side and you don’t realise youve got a good thing until its gone.

Comodo keep up the good work (:CLP)
(all of the above are stricktly my opinion)
p.s this is not fan boyism, just stating the truth as i see it.

Many thanks

The grass is usually greenest over the septic tank. :wink:

hate to say this but i waited and waited, then was disappointed. just downloaded the trial of sunbelt and am pleasantly surprised. had to uninstall cfp 3.0.9. i pretty sure there are still remnants left. sunbelt is actually kind of nice. has everything comodo does and then some. i am going to keep comparing (for now it looks like my whole life). was very disappointed with the new comodo beta. maybe it was too hurried. don’t know. i do have faith in comodo still. but, for 10 bucks in 30 days, maybe i will stick with sunbelt. i do like what i see with their software.
i will keep checking and wait for a very solid and stable version.
Thank you though. i still believe in comodo.


sorry. i also had to take the “download comodo firewall” signature from my email. it would be too much trouble for most people i deal with.


Or if you have a dog… Your grass is usually pretty green :stuck_out_tongue: