Comodo messes up my taskbar when botting.... [Resolved]


I recently had to uninstall Comodo antivirius because it would lock up my taskbar when booting up. I was wondering if they had fixed this before I download it again.

Hi, you may want to post this in the anti virus section, but to mention, my anti virus , (not comodo…Vcom) does this as well and is normal. Give it a bit for it to get done starting up and if you monkey with the task bar it can freeze it up for a while. As I said, this happens with many anti virus (full versions) not the half baked freebies, :wink: but complete like comodo. Windows is picky with it’s taskbar at this crucial point it seems. So just to let you know, it’s not just Comodo anti-v, others do it as well. When I used ZA , a good 15 minutes before my task bar would unlock, very frustrating. So thankfully I use Comodo firewall now. :wink:


Just a note, I am writing this since at the time, this post was NOT in anti-virus and Mike the Mod moved my message…<-----say that 10 times :wink: Ok, so I do know which thread i’m in…now if I can figure out which State I live in…hmmmmmmm…


Please check this post that I just posted in another topic. Do you think it might be the same thing?

As Kail suggested, it could be the same problem as posted in,1928.msg15753.html#msg15753.
This bug is fixed with updates v1.1.10.