Comodo Message Center notifying about GeekBuddy services...

Hmm, a few seconds ago Comodo Message Center notified me that I could get GeekBuddy service for a reduced price.
I thought the Message Center was for Security Alerts??

So, Preferences>>General>>Enable Comodo Message Center: Unticked.

Which genius decided it was wise to send sales ads through the Message Center?

Yes but not solely for, it is also used for general messages about Comodos products and services.

Aha, I see.

Well thankfully Comodo was gracious enough to provide the option to turn the Message Center off.

Options are always good. :slight_smile:

Mine is turned off as well. :wink:

mine is turned on :slight_smile:

lol, I never expected you of all people would be interested in a GeekBuddy deal, haha…

  1. ;D

i dont see anything wrong with it since comodo is providing us so much for free. a full security suite besides comodo message center can be easily disabled if it bothers you so much

I don’t know how long you have been in software my friend but that is a poor excuse for sending ads through what was promoted quite recently as a special mechanism to warn us about severe security alerts.

its used for both. iv been using message center since it was created and only have seen a couple of ads. for dragon and geekbuddy

Well, IMNSHO if Comodo think they can break into the Enterprise market with SBM tactics like this…

Regardless, always hopeful for Comodo’s continued success. :slight_smile: