Comodo Memory Guardian Beta v1.0.1.5 (download here)

Hi Everyone

Here is CMG v1.0.1.5 with all reported bugs fixed!

Vista x32
(Size 399 KB (408,688 bytes))

Vista x64
(Size: 442 KB (452,712 bytes))

XP x64
(Size: 442 KB (452,976 bytes))

XP x32
(Size: 399 KB (409,192 bytes))

Please go ahead and give us your feedback and bug reports (on the report bugs section).

thank you


Tnx, Melih!


I just upgraded from beta 1.0, all good so far.
What would be a good test to see it in action?


I believe “Tyler Durden” listed at least one good one in the previous Beta’s thread.


Thank you, I will download and install. :slight_smile:

(This is cool; I have all start menu shortcuts in categorized folders - two or four shortcuts in every folder except for the security folder, which has three shortcuts. All of them Comodo. Now CMG will fix this and make it even. Hurray!)

There was only the long initial thread that you started, so I created a new one for this latest release.


Thank you, and keep up the good work :■■■■

Greetz, Red.

I just downloaded it and rebooted, seems to work fine :wink:
Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


thanks for this i’ll try this (V)

May I be the first to ask, how does one know what system one is running x32 or x64 on XP or Vista?

Actually, I don’t know. But if you’re running a x86(32-bit) processor, you’re OS is 32-bit.
To find out if your processor is x86(32-bit) or x64(64-bit), open start meny, then ‘Run’ and write ‘compmgmt.msc’.
Now choose ‘Device Manager’.
Click ‘Processor’ and then it’ll show your processor(AMD/Intel).
Now doubleclick it. Then proceed to the ‘Information’ tab and it should say something with either x86 or x64.

Else, just download both setups. If you can’t run the x64 setup, you don’t have 64-bit.
Then run the x86 setup.


Thanks Ragwing, as my machine is 5 years old and a 1.4GHz model I guess it will be a 32bit processor.


Not necessarily I think, but probably. Anyway Ragwing has a good point in how to find out. I clicked on the “Details” tab to find out, and there is was, …X86… = 32 bit.


Installed now and appears to work OK.

Promoted it on another forum for users to try as well.

I now have Homer Simpson sitting in my tray. :wink:



CMG support Windows 2000?


Only XP & Vista for 32- & 64-Bit. Sorry about that.


Ok, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I’ve tested it on win2k3. Works perfectly. I don’t think there’re any troubles about usin’ it on win2k0, but I’ve not tested this, so I can’t say it will work.

Hi Tyler,

I tried to run it on Win2k but does not load the service… … give127 error :frowning:

For anyone who really does not know (one really should…) what kind of system he’s running…

I recommend (without installer)

As this was also recommended by a certain Gizmo (yes, the one in verbal fight with kevin) on his website, and, while I confess Gabriel Topala’s thingie is really a very capable prog…
well, for anyone who really wants to know what’s going on inside his Sys, i do recommend a more sophisticated proggie, but beware: only suitable for the more initiated:

For anyone who is not so much involved with his PC interior I recommend a lovely easy prog:

At the end, one should try them all, and keep the one he love’s most :slight_smile:

The 32 bit edition of the programme does not work it goes to a 404 error using firefox