Comodo Memory Firewall [SOLVED]

O.k. I admit it, I don’t know the difference between the Comodo Firewall Pro and the the Comodo Memory Firewall,
is it one or the other or both together or what?

Is this the proper place for this post.


CFP w/ Defense Prevents…
Viruses, worms, spyware, key loggers and other malware
Port scans, intrusion attempts, hackers
Modification of critical system files
“Constantly monitors and defends your PC from Internet attacks. It’s easy to install and use and passes the industry’s most stringent firewall “leak” tests.”

CMF Prevents…
Buffer overflow attacks
Suspicious code executions
Data theft, computer crashes and ‘drive-by-download’ attacks

“Constantly monitors the memory space and activity of your installed applications to make sure they do not fall prey to buffer-overflow attacks – a favorite and very damaging technique used by hackers to crash your system and steal your confidential information.”


Hope this helped you

Are they compatible with each other, in other words is it safe to run the both of them without them fighting over territory? I know when you have two Firewalls I’ve heard they get all tangled up, same goes for Anti-Virus applications.
Thanks very much for answering my question, now if the answer is yes its safe to run the both of them then
I’ll go ahead :-TU


Yes, It’s completely safe

All comodo Products Are designed to work with each other…
and even with other companies products…


Phew! you answered that faster than I do dishes, I can see why your a Global Moderator, I’m the forum Administrator on our site, sure keeps you on you toes…

Thanks a bunch,
turn ;D

your welcome

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