Comodo Memory Firewall flags explorer.exe

Well, I can’t find a forum supporting this product so I guess it’ll fit here.

I was downloading my Canon printer drivers (don’t think it has anything to do with this), and then Comodo Memory Firewall pops up about explorer.exe being a threat. And I uninstall “Seagate Manager”, the backup software…
I’m running

I’m assuming as long as the prompt is up Comodo is halting what ever this threat is.

Simply amazing because there are two “explorer.exe” processes running in my Task Manager : [.
One uses 5MB of RAM and the other uses 43MB…

[attachment deleted by admin]

Nevermind, I killed the process. Apparently… it was the 5MB that was killed…

Hi drragostea.

You are using an old version of Memory Firewall, Updated Memory Firewall is now included in Comodo Internet Security.

Thank you for resolving this one anyhow!

I’ll close this thread.