Comodo Memory Firewall download link broken? [Resolved]

Hi, I just went to the download page for Comodo Memory Firewall to get the installer and the link takes me to the Comodo Backup page… Anyone else see the same?

Working fine here. The link took me to

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi, I get there also but, when I click on the link to download the file it takes me to And the SH1 and MD5 are listed as emty on that page for me.

Hover your mouse arrow over the link “Click here to download” and see if it points to the Comodo Memory Firewall installer file download. I see it pointing to the Comodo Backup page.

Mine shows me the actual executable file for both 32 and 64 bit versions

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Hi, Thanks to all that replied. I just refreshed the page and now see the correct link destination and md5/sh1 info. Do not know what that was about but, now I look like a fool lol. I do have the screen shots of what I seen. How do I post a screen shot here in the forums?

It was probably a page cached during a “bad hair day” kind of day.

Well, you can either follow this Screenshot-posting for beginners tutorial or just use PrintScreen + MS Paint as I do.

Soyabeaner, thank you for the info. and link on posting screen shots. Here is the image. I just wanted to show that I was not making up a fake story. I started to panic thinking that the site might of been hacked like so many other sites.

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I didn’t doubt you, that’s why I posted that your page was probably cached on a bad day that the link was incorrect, like during site maintenance or whatever.

Anyway, since the issue is solved we close the thread. If the issue returns PM an online moderator to open it.