Comodo Memory Firewall and CIS

Hello All,

Currently I am using NOD32 in conjunction with Comodo Internet Security Suite Firewall (no anti virus installed) My question is do I need to install CMF separately with my configuration? Have done a search but couldn’t find an answer.

Feel like a proud Papa the way CIS is working…plan to switch over to full CIS when my subscription to NOD32 runs out.

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Unless you installed SafeSurf (SS) along with CIS/CF, you may want to add CMF. Without either SS or CMF you have no protection against buffer overflow attacks.


Hello LA,
Thanks for the quick response. I don’t have Safe Surf installed so better install CMF.



OK, no problem :slight_smile:


I wasn’t promted to install SS during CIS ???

Really? I’ve read that someone else also didn’t see SS as an option. Can’t remember if I had the options, it’s been a while since I installed CIS.


I had the option to install SafeSurf with CIS and I checked yes. It is definitely there.

a few days ago i had the same question about CMF after reading the forum.
then i read that SS is just a piece of CMF.
Better stay with the full version is my not-an-expert guess. (about same resources)

running like a charm! :BNC (:CLP) :■■■■

CMF SHOULD BE INTEGRATED TO CIS !, besides the complex code (or, at least, both CMF and CIS should share the same sys-tray icon) :wink: