COMODO Memory Firewall 2.0 BETA Released [Closed]

Hi All,

We would ike to announce the availability of COMODO Memory Firewall 2.0. 0.1 BETA(previously known as COMODO Memory Guardian):

What are the main changes?

New! Completely new user interface
New! More configuration options provided for system administrators

Download Locations:

Windows XP or Later(64 bit)

Windows XP or Later(32 bit)



Just installed the beta of Comodo Memory Firewall and it solved the problem of blocking Qnext from loading after 2 seconds.

I installed in msconfig diagnostic mode and closed BoClean but left cmdagent running.

Did not make any changes to the default settings, and wondered if there were any recommendations?

How do I stop the Comodo Memory Firewall from loading its window at boot? Arivira has its ad at boot and later closes the I need manually close the Comodo Memory Firewall Window.


Hi UncleDoug,

This is a bug there, from settings you can select CMF Gui not to be loaded on system startup, but that’s not working at the moment. You can use msconfig.exe to remove cmf.exe from startup applications.

We will fix it in next version.

Thanks for testing it out.


I was going to report it doesn’t work, but downloaded x64 by mistake :stuck_out_tongue:
I miss the Comodo agent dude :frowning:

Like UncleDoug said, the application windows shows at boot. Doesn’t work to add DQ’s(“D:\Program\Comodo\Memory Firewall\cmf.exe”), adding -minimize or /background.
Also, if cmf.exe isn’t running, you won’t get any warning messages about buffer overflows, so disabling it from starting at boot-up disabled all protection!


So Wow!!!

Comodo Memory Firewall (Guardian) v1.0 didn’t even go official… Will 2.0xxx be the official version when its released?

Josh. 8)

Do we uninstall CMG too?? Because I still have CMG 1.0 installed with CMF 2.0 lol So yes I uninstall?


Yes, uninstall it :wink:

The installer’s file size is much larger?

Thanks, I will try it,


Can this new beta version still causing crash problems with CBOClean 4.25 ??? I ask this because I got a special custum made beta version of CMG from Tyler that solved those problems for me :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Rednose I am using the old Comodo Firewall, Comodo BoClean 4.25, Spyware Terminator and the free version of Avira. In the background Windows Defender, SpywareBlaster, Spybot Search and Destroy Immunnize,

At least in my instance the new beta release of the Comodo Memory Firewall solved the problem of Qnext being blocked from loading after 2 seconds.

Not sure what to expect with your custom version of BoClean ?

I had been using the Verification Engine until I noticed that the lockups and crashes with Gmail were almost non existant when I uninstalled VE. It could be something else but VE increased the occurance.


Last I heard BOC and CMG sometimes did not get along. I do want both, so it’s frustrating!!

I like BO as the “backup” to all other scanning by AV products, with it’s last second memory scan for the common bad guys repackaged and avoiding AV software. And of course CMF is priceless to cut off the memory overflow exploits that are a principle tool for the bad guys.

These two may be the last line of defense in many cases.

If we use all the prevention methods in CPF as the first line of prevention and scan regularly with AV products to catch things lurking about all we have to worry about is the rootkits and other malware already on our system when we start and of course whatever the bad guys think of next.

But even if we start with a clean system with as little potential vulnerability as possible through nliteOS and are VERY careful subsequently and use the layered defenses, we will make mistakes.

The one certain thing is that we will ■■■■■ up. If we could catch it right away and always work in a sandbox… No, even then we will probably ■■■■■ up. Still, better to cut the odds to as near zero as possible as long as possible!

The installer, GUI, and Tray Icon is extremely similar to Comodo Firewall Pro 3, Almost Identical! :o

COMODO Memory Firewall will be an official release this month. Please test it and let us know as many bugs as you can find. We plan to make an updated version live coming tuesday resolving all the bugs posted so far.


BETA 2 starts as a full sized app, rather than being minimized to the system tray. Should this be a config option?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Panic,
It will have same behaviour like we have in CFP.


I imagine you help program Comodo Memory Firewall :). Yes, I will test it in all areas and post back bugs if possible.

Does anyone know (Staff Members) If Comodo Memory Firewall will be intergated into CFP 3 on the official release date of CMF? I imagine off course an update of CFP to 3.1 which will be the version CMF will be integrated?

So far, no problems!


No Problems here so far and great job Comodo. (L)

Can this new beta version still causing crash problems with CBOClean 4.25
May be yes, may be no, this will be fixed in new version of CBOClean, as I've said.

Hi Josh,

Yes it will be integrated to CFP 3 shortly.

Hey Tyler :slight_smile:

I know you have said that :wink: But when can we expect a new version ??? Btw you were the only one who took the problem serious, and I am realy thankfull for that ;D

When the “start up” bug of the 2.0 Beta is fixed I will test it :slight_smile: And when it doesn’t work for me, I can always go back to the special Beta you gave me :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.