Comodo Memory Firewall 2.0 BETA Boot Help (GUI Shows on Startup) [Bug Report]

Hi all,

Okay… So when I boot up my computer, Everytime the desktop shows, I get the main GUI of CMG BETA 2, So then I have to close that main window each time Windows Starts.

It can be quite annoying for some users… I am getting a bit annoyed to be honest :-\ But hey!! This is a great product.


I’d like to second that: a great product but a bit annoying with the GUI popping up after each boot.
Is there any way to stop CMF doing that???


It’ll be fixed in the next release. Don’t know any workaround for this. If you disable cmf.exe from auto-starting, you’ll disable the protection. So you’ll just have to live with it until they release a new version :wink:


Okay cool!!

Anyone knows if there’s any fix else than disabling cmf.exe from auto-starting(since it disabled all protection)?
I’ve tried adding -s, -minimize and /background, but none worked.


I don’t have CMG installed, I think I’m gonna wait till it’s integrated into a CPF3 update.

Anyways, how is cmf.exe started right now? From the registry run section? As a temp workaround, why not delete the reg run entry, create a shortcut in the startup key of the start menu, and set the shortcut properties to start minimized?

i have CBO, is it okay to install CMF ???

I would say yes :slight_smile: Although there can be a conflict with CBOClean, but that is because there is a bug in CBOClean :-\;msg117017#msg117017

CMF should be functioning well :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I am having no problems with CMF 2.0, Its very nice… Only the GUI on Startup bit.

This program is ready for final release :slight_smile:

hmmm, maybe yes maybe no :stuck_out_tongue: , i have CMG & CBO right now, i won’t take any risk ;D


Risk aren’t an option :stuck_out_tongue:



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