Comodo Media Player(CMPlayer)

Since you can even develop ice dragon from Mozilla(Gecko) & dragon from (webkit)
How about you develop CMplayer from Mplayer Engine source code?

Just like Kmplayer from Mplayer, Vlc Player, that based from Mplayer Engine.
I know this might sound stupid that why I’ve to suggest media programs for Comodo since they’re security products. But the names are perfectly match & you can even call “Codec Media Player” isn’t that sounds nice? :embarassed:

… why not MPlayer 2?

Any media player engine whatever, Mplayer 2 is fine.
It doesn’t have to be Mplayer it’s just an sample.
The main point I’m suggesting about for Comodo
having their own Media player add for their new products.

[JOKE]Well they would just need to add for example Mplayer2 to the interface of CIS[/JOKE]