Comodo Mascot (Round 2)

I was found this old topic about this but It’s not a good idea for “Digging” it because it’s very old topic. (2006)

Did Comodo need mascot ?

I think we should use the Dragon. ;D

Any ideas ?

At one point I had suggested this as the ultimate firewall mascot.

[attachment deleted by admin]

but that’s a cat on fire 88) which part of the pic represent comodo? 88) ;D

Use one of ganda’s animated sigs. ;D

The idea, Ganda, was ‘Firewall’ and this is a ‘Fire’ cat.

so? 88) the pic cover the “fire” part. what about the “wall” part? and what about the “comodo” part? 88)


It is a mascot, an animal (of some sort). We cannot use a Dragon as that is already used (Dragon Naturally Speaking and various Dragon websites), and the mascot must be unique in its identification. The firecat seems a valid candidate.
I will suggest anyone artistic enough to please put forth another suggestion or variation for consideration.

What happened to Scomodo?

ESET use “Robot” for their mascot. ;D

Alas,He did not achieve world domination and has returned to
Watership Down to plan round 2.
that the street talk anyway.