Comodo - Malwarebytes Pro

I use Comodo 6 Complete, can I run Malwarebytes Pro with protection module enabled? ???

I running it it with avast 8 free. No avast behavior shield installed/avast auto sandbox disabled.
Cis 6 with Comodo dragon, and mbam pro with real time shield all at the same time with windows 8 x64
I have no problems.

You can add this location to the exclusions of other AV softwares.

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Comodo\Cis\Quarantine\data*

Here, CIS does rename the malicious files only. (no encryption; can be detected by other AV softwares)

So basically where is the answer to Tony’s question? Both replies were full of nonessential information.

I believe you can. Just make sure to add all Malwarebytes files to the exclusions of CIS, and all CIS files to the exclusions of Malwarebytes.

Thanks rogerg2!!