comodo - malwarebytes- Defence+Alert

I have an issue.
While malwarebytes (or superantispyware) is scanning Defence+Alert informs me that malwarebytes (an .exe programm) is trying to accesss memory.
What should I do in that case?
Should I “allow this request” and “don’t select the ‘Remember My Answer’ checkbox”?
Should I “treat thiw application as trusted” and “don’t select the ‘Remember My Answer’ checkbox”?
Or I must do something else?
As you can see I have no experience, so please give me simply steps.
Thank you.

Welcome. :slight_smile:
As you know, Malwarebytes is a safe application. It needs complete inter process memory access to be able to scan other files. You can set it as a “Trusted Application” or if you want stricter rules, go to D+ > Advanced > Computer Security Policy > mbam.exe > Edit > Access Rights > and under “Inter process memory access” click “allow” and Apply. This will give it memory access to other files, but will still prompt you for other things that mbam.exe wants to access.

I have both malwarebytes and super antispyware, i click on ‘allow this request’ and also have ticked ‘remember my answer’ this way after the first time u shouldn’t be bothered.

Thank you both.
.FaZio93. , if I select “trusted application” , should I ckeck the “remember my answer” box or not ?
Thank you

Yes. This way CIS will remember Malwarebytes as a Trusted Application in the future.

Don’t you get a lot of alerts then, especially when SAS scans memory objects?

nope… I dont get any alerts for either of them… should I?.. otherwise I would have to sit by the computer and keep pressing ‘allow’ ‘allow’ each time ?
both firewall and defense + in ‘safe mode’…

If I set SAS and MBAM to ask for inter process memory access, it will alert me for every file it wants to scan in memory. I have D+ set to paranoid. This will give me alert for every file they want to scan, so I give them both inter process memory access. With Safe Mode, you should still get alerts for files in memory that are not on the COMODO whitelist that SAS/MBAM want to scan.

Fazio93… I can’t answer that one , I can only say that I have windows defender, spybot, SAS and Malware and I regularly update them and the only time i get asked by defence + for access is when there is a programme update not a virus update. At least once a week i scan my system and they all just scan it without interuptions.