Comodo Malware Inspector / Diagnostic Tool

Important: This was idea was BEFORE I registered for the AVIRA Beta Testing. :P0l

About CMI / CMD Tool:

  • This is not a replacement for your resident Antivirus/Anti-Malware software.
  • No AV definitions required, analysis to be completed in the cloud, and reported back to the user.
  • Ideally to be portable, and no background services - a software tool not for protection.
  • Not the same as VirusTotal Uploader.

Possible Uses:

  • Submit suspicious / false positives / unknown files to Comodo
  • For malware researchers


  • Users can select malicious files to be uploaded for submission of (see above).
  • Batch uploads for multiple files. Some hash check (i don’t know the exact name, to avoid duplicate uploads).
  • File extension limitations (ie. Ignore .docx etc personal privacy reasons etc)
  • File upload limitations (depends on Comodo)
  • Option to upload using SSL encryption

Aimed for:

  • Users who want to contribute in some form, without using Comodo software.
  • Those malware hunting people.
  • The average joe for FP submission (does CIS already do this?)

For Download:

  • Less than 5MB
  • Compressed (.zip) package
  • No web installer, and no bundled software

Idea partially striped from Avira Cloud Protection Tech.Prev. >:-D


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