Comodo makes my laptop freeze after install


I just bought a new laptop (intel core i7) with Win7 64 bits and after the fresh install of Win7, I made a restore point then installed CIS in the last version from the official website.

After the reboot, the laptop freezes (no other word suits). Fortunately, I had a restore point… :wink:
Only Microsoft Security Essentials (bundled with Win7) was installed before CIS. I removed it and tried to reinstall CIS: Same freeze!

Note that that freeze occurred also an a colleague laptop (intel celeron) with win7 64 bits when I tried to install Comodo AntiVirus only.

I use also CIS and CAV that works fine on others desktop PC (with intel or AMD processors) with win7.

I wonder what’s wrong between Comodo and laptops ??

I hope my experience can help solve the problem because I actually think CIS and CAV are very good products :embarassed:

Welcome Mianux

Before the CIS installation remove MSE.
Establish CIS (HIPS) → Include a Training mode.
Let some time will work (Training mode), then you will transfer to a Safe mode.
As (probably) include an option - to adapt at low resources.
I think it will help.

I also had this problem. I installed Comodo Antivirus on a brand new laptop with Windows 8.1 and now the computer locks up at the point when Comodo is loading. I can boot into safe mode, but I can’t uninstall Comodo from there. How do I uninstall Comodo from Safe Mode in Windows 8.1?

Look at this page.
The truth I don’t know. Whether applicable it to Windows 8.1
I can’t tell as I don’t use Windows 8.

There are two removal tools listed in that topic. One does not work well with Windows 8/8.1. However, there is another which does work well for all OS. Please use the one I advise for Windows 8.

Thank you.


I have also a freeze problem with the latest Comodo.
It was installed correctly.
But now, as soon as a Comodo Notification appears on the bottom right of the screen , I count 4 seconds and then the PC is freezed. No more keyboard, no more touchpad, nothing! The only solution is to force my laptop power off is to press power off during 5 seconds.

The freeze takes place either with a notification from firewall or a notifications from HIPS.
I know that because i disabled HIPS, but then 5 minutes later there was a notification of an application requesting internet access and then boing : FREEZE!
This really looks like a video issue. Comodo could you please fix that?
The previous version of comodo (5.12) works fine.
My video drivers are up to date : geforce 360M, nvidia drivers 331.65


Please create a bug report for this in this section of the forum. The required format is given in this post. Just copy and paste the code. Then put your answers after each colon.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Well, removing MSE (in safe mode with add/remove programs) and installing Comodo in advanced mode with HIPS in training mode has worked for me!
Many thanks!!