Comodo makes my computer freeze

I installed Comodo on a computer with a fresh install and updates of Windows 7. After installing Comodo and restarting the computer, the computer freezes when Comodo loads every time. I am able to boot successfully to Safe Mode but I can’t uninstall Comodo from safe mode, so Comodo has made my computer unusable and I can’t uninstall it. I have tried disabling Defense+ while in Safe Mode but this doesn’t stop my computer from freezing when I reboot into normal mode. Help please.

Hi and welcome sinclair,
Considering your computer is frozen in normal mode, the removal tools found in section A step 2 of the link below may help (Instructions in step 4).
Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems

Hope that helps.

Hello- I am using 64 bit Windows 7 so some of those options don’t work. I tried the CIS 2013 Geekbuddy uninstaller but that didn’t seem to solve the problem because the computer still freezes when I log in after booting in normal mode. Does anyone have other suggestions?

Hi sinclair,
Sorry I am not sure what has occurred to cause the issue with system.
Do you have a system restore point prior to the issue occurring, which can be run in safe mode.
Note: Changes made by system restore cannot be undone when used in safe mode.
System Restore-Microsoft
System Restore: frequently asked questions-Microsoft

Kind regards.

Hello- I looked for a system restore point and there isn’t one. Fortunately this is a new installation so there is no valuable data on the computer but it is frustrating to need to reinstall the operating system to fixed a problem that appears to have been caused by Comodo.

Hi sinclair,
I can understand the frustration.
If you do decide to attempt a re-install once you have your system running and it occurs again, please consider creating a bug report.
I also totally understand if you are reluctant to attempt a re-install of CIS. :wink:
Bug Reports - CIS
Required Format For Reporting Bugs