Comodo main window opens on boot.(but never used to)

Hi, im using V3 of the (suburb) firewall, but it has developed a annoying habit.
it always used to load quiet on system boot, but has recently taken to opening its main screen upon loading.
Whilst i appreciate this is not a massive issue, it is however, very annoying having to close it every time on booting.
I have been through all the settings and cannot find any reference to quiet loading, and even reinstalled to no avail.
Any ideas why it has started this habit?
Cheers for any help :slight_smile:

Hey robster400 & Welcome to the forums!

Make sure your using the latest version. It might be worth uninstalling your current CFP 3 and re-installing.


This is the key in the registry
“C:\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall\cfp.exe” -h
-h is I believe what makes CPF3 load quiet that is why you cannot find a setting for that.
I do not see how this can change I would do as Josh suggested you can if you like export your Config first in Miscellaneous so you do not lose all your rules.

EDIT Unless you use a registry cleaner the it would be worth checking the Key in the registry first.

Ok, i downloaded a fresh one from the site,and re-installed that, but i still get the same problem…

I’ve checked the regkey HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run
and indeed the load command has the -h switch set.

So anymore suggestions will be gratefully received :slight_smile:

When your having any software issues you cannot just reinstall. You MUST COMPLETELY UNINSTALL First. I use Revo Uninstall in advanced mode. When Comodo says reboot,don’t and click next on Revo. Delete the left over program entries and registry entries it finds then reboot. Once back up use CCleaner registry cleaner and reboot. Be sure all traces of Comodo are gone before reinstalling.

Done and done, even searched the registry manually for anything comodo related afterwards…

Installed again, main screen shows on boot…

Windows XP SP3 fyi…

The only other thought i had was maybe windowblinds was interfering with it, but upon making exclusions for all Comodo executables, all that succeeded in doing was making the text in ‘pending files’, ‘view active connections’ and similar windows invisible… plus i had W/b installed long before this issue arose.

So, any more ideas?

Its not Windowblinds cause I use Windowblinds and always have. Did you read and follow these instructions? If Comodo is completely gone from your system and you have a new install of the latest version this shouldnt be happening. What other security programs are you running? You do not need to exclude Comodo in Widnowblinds. Are you using Comodo

You may resolve this topic now, the issue has been fixed.

it turns out the new Nvidia driver management software was bringing the window up on boot.
It occurred to me that that was the only other 3rd party process that modifies the desktop environment.
I defined a exception in the control panel, job done.

Cheers all the same.

This is why we trouble shoot and dont put the blame on Comodo. I am a gamer. What version of Nvidia drivers are you using and what GPU do you have?

Gfx 5700LE
Forceware 175.19

Consign that one to memory for future reference :wink: