Comodo Mail spam/fishing or legit?

Hey there.

Long time since my last visit here, so was somewhat perplexed when I recieved a mail, seemingly from Comodo. However, the mail is addressed to an email address I don’t use on forum boards. So, naturally I am skeptical about this mail.

In short, I just wanted to hear if Comodo is sending out mails to various email address regarding (headline from mail) New announcement: • CIS Complete & CIS Pro & CAV Advanced Licence Activation User Manual

I haven’t used Comodo for many years btw.

Regards from Denmark

They are indeed sending out those e-mails.

Perhaps you signed up another account at some point? Signed up with that e-mail but later changed it? Signed up with another e-mail but later changed it to that e-mail? I can’t tell you why it was sent to that e-mail if you say you didn’t sign up with it.

Don’t worry! It is “legit” because there are new topics here which explains how to activate your Comodo products.
Please see this thread in English :;msg813673#msg813673

I hope to see you again while using Comodo :wink:

Regards from Turkey

Eh? How come I didn’t recieve the mail on the email I am signed up with then? The one I used to sign in here today. It smells like spam/sales trickery to me.

Anyways, it is just “funny” that I recieve an email with activation instructions and whatnot when I haven’t used Comodo since 2011! I don’t have a single Comodo product on this computer. If the mail is in fact legit, Comodo would have to have gotten that mail elsewhere.

Just because it resembles something from the forum page, doesn’t mean the links in the mail can’t be spoofed. Anyone can copy the mainbody of that article, and send it out.

And no, I am not likely to use Comodo again. I am happy with me current security setup :wink:


Not sure, did you check the one you signed up with to double-check? Could it be that you have the e-mail you signed up with to forward to your other e-mail you didn’t sign up with?

If you go to Profile > Account Settings in the menu bar above, does it show the e-mail you signed up with or the e-mail you got the comodo mail on?

To clarify, I have no idea, just thinking up possible reasons…

Well the forum doesn’t really see if you’re still using Comodo products or not, think of it like a forum newspaper/message or similar. Not really sure why they sent this one though.

The email address shown in my profile, is the one I signed up with 4-5 years ago, and not the email address I recieved the mail in. The one I recieved the mail in, I have never used for any forum. Surely, they would have send it to my signup mail as well, if it is in fact, a “newsletter”.

I am just perplexed why my personal / family email would be in the Comodo Forums list :o


Well then I have no answers, sorry.

Could you have signed up to ‘Receive Comodo News and Notifications’ during installation of a Comodo product in the past and forgot about it?
CIS Premium – Installation


[attachment deleted by admin]

Last I had a Comodo product installed, was when Comodo was a stand-alone Firewall. I Usually opts out of newsletters, so it is unlikely, but not impossible.

The mail itself tho, is a replica of this post;

Without the images. So, naturally I don’t understand why I should recieve a activation letter, when I have never bought a Comodo product nor have any installed since 2011. Surely, if I have missed a opt out option, I would have recieved newsletter in the time in between now and 2011, unless you only send out newsletters every 4 year ;D


I signed up for ‘Receive Comodo News and Notifications’ back around 2010 and I can’t remember the last newsletter I received until this recent one.

Kind regards.


Weird newsletter to send tho ;D Since there isn’t any news in it per se. I would have expected a more commercial mail and perhaps a link to the article, but whatever.

I’ll go ahead and just delete it. I am sure I survive if it is only 1 letter every 4 year 8)


The one puzzling thing with my above suggestion is the only way to unsubscribe according to the email is via your Forum account which you can do, but this won’t help your non Forum email address.

Who’s responsible for the forum systems and by extension newsletters (I assume)? Perhaps it would be a good idea to ask that person what is really going on. :slight_smile:

Hi Sanya,
Yes that is a good idea, I will see if I can get some Staff input regarding this.


Edit: I have sent Staff a PM in regards to this topic.