Comodo Made A Disk Protection Program? I Must Live Under A Rock.

So I was browsing the discontinued products thread and came upon Comodo DiskShield. I was unaware that Comodo had ever made a disk protection program. I’m aware of Time Machine, but if memory serves me that is a disk imaging program.

I couldn’t find any download links, or even any non beta release posts. Does anyone know if Comodo DiskShield was ever completed? I know that it was replaced by Comodo Time Machine. What operating system was it for, Vista? Has anyone stumbled upon any still functioning download links, as I’d love to give it a spin in a virtual machine?

Personally I think Comodo made the right call giving it up for Comodo Time Machine; disk imaging is much more affective than disk protection. Not that I’m against disk protection programs; I’m currently running ShadowDefender, and happily ran Windows SteadyState for years.