Comodo Lost my all data!!!

i used comodo system cleaner b portable[/b] file.
after that i used wiper with free space option of my disk. this process completed about 12 hours. After finished process, i cant read any of data in my disk. All of data seems to have ok, but none of them cant read. this is like encrypt disk. but i didnt do that. also all of size correct.
this is very big problem for me because all of my projects file cant open with windows or linux. Also all files have a user account in the security options. this user has no name only security identifier number.
please help me!!!


Please provide us with more details about the wiping operation, like the wipe method and the number of iterations.
We analyzed and tried to reproduce your scenario, but wiping the disk free space didn’t affect any data on the computer.
We will continue investigating this issue.

Thank you for your support.

1 - select wiper option
2- under free space select drive D - F
3- zero fill, any character fill, iterations 3 and click wipe

all sections like this.

how can i read my data in D and F drive ??

— if you want sample data in my disk i can send u for investigation –

Wild shot… Can you boot into safe mode with windows?
Sounds like it’s pretty crippled system at the moment. Hope you get a fix.

i can boot safe mode but i cant read 120 gb data ???

Did you have Comodo time machine installed? There are some problems with CSC wiper and CTM.

C:\ is a conventional System partition letter.
What was your system partition letter ?
Was it C:\ that you omitted from Wipe ?
or was it one of the wiped partitions ?


no i have 2 disk
disk 1 drives C:\ thisis system part, and E:
disk 0 drives D:\ F:\ and H:\

my problem on disk 1 D: and F: partitions
i used wipe only D: and F:

also i havent comodo time machine.

shhn, please look here
Start> click Control Panel> administrative Tools> Computer Management> disk management

Disk 1. what does it say? Do you still have 2 partitions?

Volume D,F. Does it say ‘unallocated’ anywhere?

were D,F both NTFS?

On which partition did you unzip comodo system cleaner ?


my disk partition like this:

as you see my disk0 have 3 part but d and f cant read data. also H drive there is no problem. i wiped process only d and f drive.
c drive my system part. there is no problem.

To recover your data try a data recovery software like GetDataBack

my problem is not deleted files. my files already there but i cant read.
also i used some program like GetDataBack after this problem but there is no result.



Try to recover your data with Recuva from Piriform. With Recuva I’ve recovered always all my deleted files.

With what are you trying to read your files, and how do you launch it.

If you double click a *.TXT file you may have difficulty reading it if your file associations decide to use a music or video player.


Is it possible to copy some files over onto say; a USB and access them from another system?
If so… You’ll probably have to back up, and reformat.

i think you are kidding me! i’m not dummy about computer system. i’m computer engineer. if you read my messages you can understand my problem.

Also i think this is bug for this software. And i will never advise comodo’s softwares my customers.
i wrote this problem to comodo help desk. But still they are not reply to me.

So, that was 5 days ago. How did the story end? I never did see any details on what

my problem is not deleted files. my files already there but i cant read
actually meant. Could the files be copied and opened on another machine as was queried by Kyle? Could they be read/opened if you transferred the data drive to another machine? So many possibilities and so few efforts here - just panic.

i was answered your question before
i cant read my file windows,linux or another machine.