Comodo losing connection

More and more this past week. Happily surfing then suddenly “cannot connect to page” - on any site! Refresh Comodo and still nothing, whilst my back up browsers connect fine…family using the same router on their laptops have no probs (using Chrome and IE)…
I’ve noticed that when starting Comodo, a “resolving host” message appears in my task bar notifications. Takes forever to load lately.
“Resolving host” message also appears when my connection goes down on Comodo.
Any ideas please?

Hi Billy Leeds,
If it is Dragon, please try disabling ‘Malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS)’, found under privacy in the advanced settings and see if that helps.


Yes -Dragon latest version…I will try that.
Thank you :-T

What does malware domain filtering do? If I disable this, am I more open to malware on here?

Hi Billy Leeds,
Comodo Secure DNS can offer extra protection from undesirable sites, but some users prefer the ISP settings (Default) and say they are more reliable in certain locations or conditions.
I guess it is up to you to decide if it is Comodo Secure DNS causing issues, is the little extra possible protection worth the loss in reliability.
Comodo Secure DNS
Configuring Advanced Settings-Dragon Help

Kind regards.

Well - your suggestion seems to have worked! Perfect connection these last few days :-TU THANK YOU!

Hi Billy Leeds,
Comodo is now aware of the issues with Secure DNS, so it would be worth trying again sometime in the near future.

Kind regards.

The strange thing is that this issue is only with Dragon not chromodo…and both have secure dns

Hi airborne,
Chromodo does not have the Secure DNS option.

Kind regards.

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Yes but i have added secure Dns in the internet settings instead without any slowdowns

Hi airborne,
This is strange that Dragon and Chromodo are acting differently to each other, no promises but I will dig a little deeper to see if I can find out any reason for this to be occurring.


I’ve had this issue on and off, but always seems to be brief. Today, it has completely shut down my browser…seems like nothing will load.

I tried disabling the malware feature and everything loads fine. I hope you guys get this fixed, as I prefer to run with as much security as possible. I don’t know why it would just start acting up out of nowhere like that.

Is there a file we can delete that might be corrupted and let it rebuild it on restart?

Hi spaceboy909,
I am guessing your issue is related to the issue in the link below.
dns server down?

Kind regards.

Ok, thanks.