COMODO logo hides when CD maximizes

I don’t know whether this is a bug or whatever, but I think it’s really cool if COMODO logo is always there
And I don’t need to spend time explaining “this is not chrome, this is COMODO DRAGON !!!”
Hope you can fix it, thanks

PS: The attached pics can show you what I’m saying
PS++: Dragon is really a great browser, thanks!


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This is not a bug, it was designed to do that.

Why was it designed like that? For what?

What I am wondering is, “Why does it matter?”
It doesn’t show Comodo, yet it doesn’t say Chrome either.

Of course it doesn’t matter.
It’s just a suggestion or so
Whatever the users say, the devs make the program

I assume that you have Chrome installed as well, since it shouldn’t matter if it says Comodo, it’s a common guess that you can’t tell what’s running. Although you can’t tell, the tabs look more blocky on Dragon.

I’ve never installed any chrome like browser except dragon……
In fact, the logo shows or hides, it doesn’t matter either

google chrome is the same way. if chrome isn’t maximized then it says “Google” where it says “comodo” in dragon. it’s default functionality for chromium. they hide the logo when maximized so that it’s not taking up your tab space because when it’s maximized the tabs move all the way to the top so that the user can move the mouse as fast as they want to get to a tab without having to worry about stopping since the edge of the screen automatically stops your curser. this makes up for the distance between the tabs and the center of the screen

Now it sounds really reasonable~