Comodo Logging <Please>

I earnestly beseech the Comodo developers to insert a tag in the header of the SDB log files produced by their software. I expended a significant two-day period attempting to ascertain the source of 10GB of SDB log files. Aside from the time spent why Comodo utilizes 70% CPU cycles during weekend scanning, still to be determined if resolved. Furthermore, I endeavored to identify the reason behind the dwindling drive space and diminished performance of my laptop. The mere inclusion of a reference, such as Comodo Software Logging or similar text, in the file header would greatly simplify identification and mitigate confusion.

Hi Sea,

Thank you for reporting.
Could you please provide us the steps to reproduce the issue ? so that we will check and report this to the team.
Any related screenshot and CIS version ?


The present inquiry concerns the incorporation of identification capabilities within the sdb files utilized by Comodo to produce log files. When an individual arbitrarily opens an sdb file using a text viewer for the purpose of examining its contents, the file’s origin remains unspecified. To determine the origin, one must possess technical proficiency, be familiar with tables and fields, and engage in additional research. In the absence of pertinent information in the header of the sdb file, the discovery process can be protracted, potentially lasting several hours. This issue could be obviated if the development team integrates relevant information into the file header. As such, simple text Comodo Log File at the very first line.