Comodo LOCKS and FREEZES the entire computer - again!

Hi all,

When starting certain apps - for example, Kodi - Comodo will LOCK and FREEZE the entire computer. Nothing will work. The computer has to be force-shut, which causes problems on boot. There was an issue with Comodo doing this to some games a few versions ago, but that was fixed.

It seems the issue has resurfaced. Why does Comodo do that? I understand it trying to protect the computer, but locking and freezing it does more harm than it helps.

Thank you!

Hi madonnamustache,

Thank you very much for your feedback.

W need to get details from your side, please kindly fill in a bug report Comodo Forum and in the meantime we will be teting the app you mentioned.

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Does this happen when you are playing a full screen application like a game? If that is the case then depending on circumstances you may be able to use Alt+Tab to get a focus on the hidden alert. Otherwise you need to make a rule in HIPS settings for the games where the problem surfaces.

Hi there,

Kodi does start in full screen. I tried Alt+Tab, it did not work. I could not do anything - it completely froze my system, which made me force-shut, causing the Windows to go into repair mode. I am aware of HIPS, but Comodo should not freeze the entire system for any application. When I start something for the first time, I do not know if it will cause Comodo to freeze the system or not.

I had a similar experience trying to run an old game which completely froze the system. My workaround was to temporarily change HIPS to Training mode, start the game, exit the game, and switch HIPS back to Safe mode. I was then able to run the game normally. As far as I can tell the only effect of doing this was CIS now has an entry for this game as a Trusted Program. I was also expecting some sort of entry in the CIS log when I ran the program but I never found anything, so I don’t know why CIS blocks it if it isn’t trusted.

Unfortunately with a powerful tool like CIS this may incidentally happen. MartiusD suggestion is a well known workaround to deal with the problem.


Thanks for your response.

Well - that only works if you know in advance that will happen. If you don’t, and are running an application for the first time, what are you supposed to do to prevent a complete lock-down of your system and possible data corruption?


If you don’t know you can’t prevent the lock down. CIS is a very powerful tool as you have noticed and unfortunately it is part of the learning curve…


Thanks for your response.

I appreciate that there can be a “learning curve”, but I have used Comodo for years. As mentioned above, a few versions ago, it started doing the same thing, but that was then fixed. It’s resurfaced again with the latest update.

A tool can be powerful, without locking up the entire system, and causing possible data loss.

Is this considered “normal behaviour”? What would you do if you started up an application, Comodo froze your entire system, and you had no option but to force shut - after which your computer went into Windows Repair, as it could not find the operating system?

It was not fun.

I am sorry you went through this much havoc. What happened in your case is very rare but not unimaginable. :-\