Comodo Locking up Computer

I have XP Pro SP 2 . If I open IE and click on Tools I get a COMODO Defense Plus pop up saying System Safety Monitor is trying to do something. I can ok it but it just locks up and I have to do a hard shut down. If I close the firewall Tools open fine. I loaded just the firewall so should I be getting a Defense Plus pop up? Please help. (:AGY)

Hi there, first I’m wondering if you could tell us what version of the firewall you are using (open up gui, go to miscellaneous, about), and also what, if any, security software you are using in real time.

Now on to what you described. It sounds like a defense+ pop up that is causing this to happen. In my case it was a mouse driver that made defense+ lock up the PC. It sounds like the same thing that is happening in your case just with I.E.

In order to fix my problem, I went to the firewall GUI, Defense+, Advanced, Computer Security Policy, Find the app. (in your case I.E.), click on edit, make sure the radio button is on use custom policy, then click access rights. After this you may want to put “Allow” in column for “Windows Messages”. See if this helps. Please get back to us. I’ll attach screen shots of my settings for Firefox, maybe it will help in some way.

Edit Sorry about the quality of the screen shots. My first time trying it :slight_smile: Hopefully they’re still readable.

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