Comodo locking ordinary files?

I installed Comodo v3.0 yesterday. Today I found that I could not delete some ordinary, non-executable files I’d copied to my removable USB drive. When I tried to delete them, they disappeared for a few seconds, then they appeared again. No messages appeared.

Unlocker said the files were not locked by any program, but even it couldn’t delete them. (When I tried that, it said “Files deleted”—and the files came back anyway.)

So I disconnected from the Net, shut down Comodo, and was able to delete the files normally.

Is this a new Comodo “feature”? How can I turn it off, or otherwise manage it? I’ve searched Comodo’s settings and can’t find anything about preventing users from manually deleting their own files. Am I missing something?

Thanks, Ander

Hi Ander,

I have a similar problem. I see you sent this on November 25th and have had no replies yet…! This does not bode well for me…


Indeed. It’s a mystery.

Have you tried updating to v3.14? I think it solved this bug.

The “special beta” has worked fine by me with only a couple hiccups. Rumor has it, in another couple days, the cleaned up version v 3.14 will have a update so you may want to wait.

I don’t think I’m using a beta now. Nope, I just checked. Maybe you were suggesting I switch to the current beta to avoid the locked-files problem?

Well, the problem hasn’t reoccurred—it seems like it was a one-time thing. And maybe I’m just cowardly, but the notion of using a beta version of a firewall gives me the creeps. (Needing a firewall at all gives me the creeps.) Thanks for the idea, though.

Cheers, A.

Just check to see if you are using Comodo Anti-Virus also because this has been causing USB key locking issues also (

I’m not sure why these locking issues aren’t picked up (even in pre-beta) testing as they are so obvious - and darn annoying! If it isn’t fixed in the latest beta I’m uninstalling - who doesn’t use usb devices on an almost daily basis these days! I’m not going to risk corrupting my data on my usb drive/hard disk or shutdown my pc everytime I want to eject a usb device… :frowning: