Comodo locked up my computer

I tried Comodo personal firewall v3. During one of the security pop ups Comodo asked me if I wanted to allow explorer.exe. I thought I clicked yes but I think I also had allow as an isolated application (and to remember this), Now I can not access anything requireing explorer.exe. I can not uninstall Comodo either, it tells me I do not have permissions, even thow I am logged in as admin. ZIt will not even allow me to shutdown or restart.How do I correct this, or uninstall Comodo and start over?. I have Win XP pro on IBM laptop.

Hi & welcome. Sorry you’re having this problem, if it is what I think, I encountered it on my parents’ computer. Here’s what I did: booted XP in safe mode (you know, F8 after the BIOS screen?), then uninstalling CFP went smooth. The tip I got (apart from uninstalling), which you may want to try before uninstalling in safe mode, was to go to Defense+ Tab → Advanced → Image Execution Control Settings → Disable.

Hope anything above helps.


Thanks for your reply. I will try to get into safe mode. I can not even access Comodo settings as it says I do not have permissions.

Booting into safe mode worked and allowed me to uninstall. Thank you!

this just shows how dangerous a wrong selection and click can be for novice users, cfp should come with some kind of warning…

FYI… There is a ThreatCast CFP 3 beta version in the beta section which provides useful for newbies.

Though it is BETA so don’t install it on your production PC.

yes, that is true… This will prevent a lot of newbies of getting in trouble by choosing wrongly…

Glad that it worked! BTW you should be able to try the Image Execution thing in Safe Mode, maybe worth a shot if trying CFP again is conceivable from your point of view!

As this is resolved, we normally lock topics. However I prefer to wait for a while, and see if you wish try the method above. If so, please let us know what happens. :wink:


EDIT: Maybe this thread can help you.

I do not think it give much trouble when installing on a production pc, because this product is being offered on the official website…so I think it just contains minor bugs in comparison with other beta products that are exclusively being offered on members of this forum… (:WIN)

Offered on Website or not; Any kind of pre-release Software shouldn’t be used for every day use. This is why we do have Betas, Alphas, RC’s etc for Testing. Some people might not see any harm with pre-release software, But there are risks of serious damage, and it must be taken in precaution. It’s a highly recommended notice.

i agree with 3xist i use betas on my home pc but of course i been using beta software for years and now the consequences of such actions. but for someone that is not use to such things they can completely hose your Op.

You guys get me wrong! I just say there is a reason why COMODO put this beta product on the official site and other beta products not…

Cavs beta has been tested a lot of times, and has then been released as a BETA on the official download page… Also this product does not contain explicit warning messages… which may mean that is a stable, but not finished product… If you and I want to know the truth… the makers of this product know the answer…

Well let’s stop the arugments here, Going way !ot!.

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