COMODO livePCsupport™ Service 4.0 BETA

Hello Everybody,
We are happy to announce that COMODO livePCsupport™ 4.0 BETA is now here.

What is COMODO livePCsupport™?
LPS (the internal name), is intended to be the best remote management platform. It allows a support technician or a system administrator to remotely manage one or more PCs using remote intervention tools such:

  • Remote desktop access – VNC based remote desktop protocol using one of the best encoders: VNC Tight Encoder - Comparison Results
  • Remote application execution through command prompt
  • Remote application installer
  • Many others are coming soon!!!
    For the passionate programmers and system administrators, you have the possibility to develop your own intervention tools, using Qt SDK. Those tools are supported by the livePCsupport™ platform and you can use them instantly.

Why do you need such product?

  • You are a small or medium organization with a need for remote management platform, in order to provide technical support to your clients or internal computer network.
  • You are the “computer guy” who wants to assist friends and family with technical issues without having to move from the comfort of your home.

Why using Qt SDK to develop my own intervention tools?
livePCsupport™ is intended to be used on multiple platforms. In order to facilitate this and any custom needs, we based our approach on Qt Framework:

How does it work?
The client can download a small application and launch it in order to get support from COMODO by clicking the “Connect to a support technician” button.
The technician will use our intuitive interface to approach the customer and solve any issues, using remote desktop and the vast array of tools provided by LPS. This is so easy…

How do I get it?

At this stage, only the setup for Microsoft Windows is available. The builds for Macintosh, Linux and Android are coming soon.
At this stage, only the client application is available. The technician console is coming soon! - screenshot attached.

As you may know, this is a BETA product, please read the BETA license agreement before installing it. We strongly recommend reviewing this product on a separate environment. Any feedback would be really appreciated. We can work together to bring it to the release stage!

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Excellent work guys!

now with LPS v4, anyone can be a GeekBuddy to anyone they want to help.

You can remotely help your friends and family and have access to the amazing platform that our geeks have access to! Its the most advanced “Remote Support” tool available today!


Frigging awesome! Thanks! :smiley:

congrats. this is a very useful tool. any idea when we will get the tech application?

Ionut is working on releasing it as we speak I think…

with that Virtual Technician app, you will be able to take over and fix friend’s & family problems.

This is NOT a simple remote access tool…this is a NEXT GENERATION REMOTE SUPPORT TOOL! :slight_smile:


sweet thanks. looks like a really great tool ill test it once the tech. app is released

cool, this will be of great use to me, I use things like this all of the time to fix computers. This one should make my life easier

Will it be for free? 88) ;D :smiley: :wink:

for personal use, its free.

Congratulations with the release and the new road Comodo is taking here… 8)

is this taking the place of the geekbuddy program thats in the complete version?if so and its free whats the point of buying the complete version or the geekbuddy service?

with this application you can help your friends and family where you act as the geekbuddy.

but for people who don’t have a family geek, there is geekbuddy.

ok thanks for answering

I literally love COMODO.

Thanks for the great tool.
The best part of all its that its going to be available for most popular OS! :-TU :slight_smile:

COMODO provides technical support services for consumers, throuhgh a rebranded version of livePCsupportTM Client (GeekBuddyTM)


  • GeekBuddyTM is a technical support service provided by COMODO
  • livePCsupportTM is a remote management platform which can be used for free for personal use.

I’ve always wanted an alternative to Teamviewer - now I have it :slight_smile:

I would request that mini application so that the user who needs help simply executes it and gives me ID and password (or something similar). It would be really great!


We are going to have “Session invite” functionality. You will be able to generate an URL and to send it to the user who needs help. The user will download, install and launch the client application automatically, so you will be able to approach that user.

Sounds good :slight_smile:
Do you know how big the file will be?

Any idea on commercial pricing yet?

Ewen :slight_smile:

how much shall we charge?
what is it that others charge so that we can be cheaper?