COMODO livePCsupport™ Platform 4.0 BETA

Hello Everybody,
We are happy to announce that COMODO livePCsupport™ 4.0 BETA is now here.

What is COMODO livePCsupport™?
LPS (the internal name), is intended to be the best remote management platform. It allows a support technician or a system administrator to remotely manage one or more PCs using remote intervention tools such:

  • Remote desktop access – VNC based remote desktop protocol using one of the best encoders: VNC Tight Encoder - Comparison Results
  • Remote application execution through command prompt
  • Remote application installer
  • Many others are coming soon!!!
    For the passionate programmers and system administrators, you have the possibility to develop your own intervention tools, using Qt SDK. Those tools are supported by the livePCsupport™ platform and you can use them instantly.

Why do you need such product?

  • You are a small or medium organization with a need for remote management platform, in order to provide technical support to your clients or internal computer network.
  • You are the “computer guy” who wants to assist friends and family with technical issues without having to move from the comfort of your home.

Why using Qt SDK to develop my own intervention tools?
livePCsupport™ is intended to be used on multiple platforms. In order to facilitate this and any custom needs, we based our approach on Qt Framework:

How does it work?
The client can download a small application and launch it in order to get support from COMODO by clicking the “Connect to a support technician” button.
The technician will use our intuitive interface to approach the customer and solve any issues, using remote desktop and the vast array of tools provided by LPS. This is so easy…

How do I get it?

Known issues:

  • Do not rename the client and the technician setups, it contains registration information.
  • The web administration console is not completed yet, we just want to provide you the client application and the technician console so you can test them.


  • At this stage, only the setups for Microsoft Windows are available. The builds for Macintosh, Linux and Android are coming soon!

As you may know, this is a BETA product, please read the BETA license agreement before installing it. We strongly recommend reviewing this product on a separate environment. Any feedback would be really appreciated. We can work together to bring it to the release stage!

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This is an amazing platform…first Remote Management platform architected ground up as a Remote Management/Support platform! (unlike remote access products that are used as remote support/management).

Welldone to the team, excellent work indeed!


I am getting Error 403, trying to download technician and client consoles.

When I am adding a new Issue or Workflow, nothing happens after clicking the save changes button. (By the way what/who is the identifier supposed to be?)

[attachment deleted by admin]

im getting the same error when trying to download either consoles

Hi, that download url is accessible from my network… Let me check with the admins!

Check now pls.

Yes, should be working now.

Works now :slight_smile:

File format is unknown (has no extension).

adding .msi to the end solved it. Strange, when I check the link it has .msi ending, but when I download, it comes without it. But when installing, it says do not edit the filename so I am still unable to install it.

Some browsers like Opera and Chrome does not recognize “;” in URLs.
We are going to change this in the next build.

what do you guys think about LPS platform?

Alright, IE9 went fine with that :slight_smile:

pls do let us know how you like it…

you can take over other people’s computers and fix it for them…
do a “shell execute” using "drag and drop’…how cool is that :wink:

If I get it right, I need to install Technician console to my PC and to help other user, I send him the download link for Client console?

i will test it out once im done with school today. Hopefully i am able to download the tech console this time.

I am creating my account but I cant. I get the following message:

I am using my email address from my account with comodo.
Why is it not valid?


Could you please share a screen with us?

Good afternoon, I’m testing the BETA in my little office, I think a great tool but I presents a small problem that I would tell to see how it could fix it.

When I perform remote access from the console to the client is too slow there is a delay of more than 30 seconds in the orders issued by the client console when you are entering remotely.
I have a broadband connection of 4MG.

I appreciate your cooperation with this detail.

Ivan C.


Ive sent you a PM with the screen.
Ill wait for your reply.


the download still isnt working for me im getting a file not found on server error. i tried in dragon, firefox, and IE

A Few things.

  1. Is there a way to operate this without the need for a connection to Comodo?
  2. Is there a way to increase the size of the remote screen in the technicians console?
  3. It seems very slow when attempting to use Remote Desktop (LAN connection)
  4. Is it possible for a technician to initiate a connection?
  5. probably being dumb, but what exactly is Shell execute supposed to do?