Comodo Live Testing

Testing is going good. Seems you got languy :wink:

It seems I was wrong, it is great and fair test, I will try their program also :-TU

OK now they have reset stats…

How work this test? Like a honeypots??? it’s a fair test??

Don’t known if it’s a fair test because BluePoint Security do always near 100%, it’s suspicious…

So :
1/ Bluepoint is really great great
2/ They selected the malwares that they can catch

What do you think?

how fair it is, that’s real hard to know. But if they do play fair blue point should be fairly good because how it works like is if does not know what it is , it gets blocked. Now that is a problem becasue there are lots of things they don’t know about. Also remember that even they don’t get 100%, before these latest rounds of testing, the tested their security agaisnt 88,000 pieces of malware and about 220 got through, so somethings still got through.

also from what i know their malware tester is real time, it catches real malware. How it does it I don’t know.

This all makes the test obscure and less trustable.
Maybe we must wait for av comparatives.

we’ll it’s just another test to take into consideration. But it is up live now and working. They said it will be up for about 2 - 4 weeks. That should give everything enough time to see how they pan out.

heres hopin :-TU

It shows why the help forums are full of Norton users!


Comodo Internet Security Pro 4.1.150349.920
Status: Running
Total Malware Tested: 679
Total Infections Prevented: 679
Total Infections: 0
Total Unique Infections: 0
Total Unique Preventions: 121

100%, really great!!

And Norton do bad, i’m very surprising…

BP use whitelist and deny unknonw things … for me very similar to KIS when you set to run unknow program to untrusted :slight_smile:

Yeah, CIS is doing well. I do not buy the Norton numbers. NIS is a lot better than that. All of as sudden Prevx is doing bad also, which is odd since it was near 100% a few days ago.

I’m with clocks,something is amiss with the Norton results,I’ve seen rogue AVs with a better detection rate than demonstrated there :stuck_out_tongue:

It couldn’t be that bad…

Is it possible that BluePoint Security is that good?

IMO, yes. It is a nice program.

Well I didn’t heard about it! I suppose its good but I doubt that it’s better than Comodo!

Yes because it blocks all unknown files and it practically has no whitelist.

when i had NIS it was pretty good so i can assume it only got better—thats wierd ??? ???
but comodo is doing awsome :-TU

I think their whitelist has improved a lot in the last few months.

True…and they still have a very long way to go catching up on the whitelist I’m not to sure for how long, maybe at the end of 2011 I say.

Who does have a good whitelist, besides maybe Norton?