Comodo Live Testing

Hey all, I guess my campaign pulled it off, we will finally see comdo being tested alongside others by bluepont. My only concern is that they said they have version 4.0. I hope they just wrote that and actually have version 4.1, as we know many fixes have happened since. see it here

FIY: it is version 4.1…920

All the machines are down :-\

they are working on it. I just hope testing is done fairly and if it is we should see comodo do very very well.

Thanks Languy I can’t wait to see how comodo does.

May I say… that thinking of yours is highly optimistic and very naive, firstly they have rules… which are adequate for their product, second their “live testing” is marketing tool for their product and as such test cant be fair even if CIS is compatible with their testing criteria (and it is not) they will do everything their product to be the best… that test must be conducted by independent org. to be nearly fair… so my advice is forget about that test

Well if they believe much in their product then test fair and everything should be fine. Only if you don’t believe in your product would you ■■■■■ up other AV’s to show how good you are.

I kind of have to agree with salmonela. I will be shocked if they let a free product show equal or better than there own paid product, so I see friction ahead.

Well, CIS has only blocked 12.5% of the infections so far according to them.

if you read they are just testing right now in getting the system to report right. The reason is because every time something is sandboxed their counter goes up even though nothing is being done to the system. Please the comments between me and them. Once everything is figures out they will reset the counters.

if the malware drops some files, but does not modify anything, will it count as infection or prevention?

it should not but they said as of right now they are working on a new tester because the way the sandbox works is messing up their count.

Thanks for the heads up, languy99, respect…

Awesome, I’m watching this…

So, what happened with this test ?

I think they’ve given up trying to test CIS Pabrate.

Tellingly they’ve removed Comodo from the voting list for products to be tested,despite it being a mile in front. :stuck_out_tongue:

The test is running again but it still seems to be flawed to me. The malware is still being clocked up even though sandbox is catching it.
EDIT: They are just running tests…they know it’s still not perfect

Looking good for start. :slight_smile:

Comodo Internet Security Pro 4.1.150349.920
Status: Running
Total Malware Tested: 46
Total Infections Prevented: 46
Total Infections: 0
Total Unique Infections: 0
Total Unique Preventions: 7

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they are still testing to make sure everything is working well, then they will reset everything and let it run.

Tests look good this far.