COMODO Live PC Support Wishlist

Thanks languy. Just that I need to be used to that.
I mean, sometimes I’m not sure I’m contributing or not.

The target of the livePCsupport solution is to make all clients’ computers to function in optimal conditions. One single tiny whitelisted problem can have an cascade effect on the computer in short or long term. If the problem is not treated when it appears it can degenerate in more complex issues.

This is because of the way livePCsupport is designed to work. The fact that the service starts at the beginning does not affect in any manner boot loading times and boot loading process.

  1. See the answer to the first question ( faster the problem is treated , better for client’s computer , lowering down the problem window means that an agent can miss the oportunity to fix the problem at the perfect moment )
  2. See the answer to the first question ( any problem can have contextual effects , even if it has low priority )
  3. We are already into it.

Nope , you are not dreaming , thank you for your input.

Best regards,
Mihai Haraga

Not for advanced users, not for all problems. We all know that there are “problems” that don’t need to be fixed, they’re just “verbose” of Windows…

It affects the boot time as it loads. It’s not that much but, after all, it could be configurable. I see no reason for it has that huge priority of running.

I think you’ll not being realistic… You’re trying to sell what the user does not want to buy… Common users won’t bother that much. I’ll put an example that I’ve tried to debug with the chat support… At the end, he told me to reinstall MS Office… Go figure…

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Just like you wouldn’t buy a bikini, you wouldn’t buy live pc support. Everything has a target audience. If you are not that target audience then thats fine.


On a lighter side, Just got home I am tired and read this wrong, why am I now picturing Melih in a bikini???

I do not consider myself as out of audience.
The program is very useful. I’m not complaining about that. I do not consider myself as a person that does not need help.
I love configurability and when the program can fit the needs like a glove in the hand of the user :slight_smile:

I don’t use Live PC Support myself but I think this tool would be usefull for reporting bugs (visually) for Comodo products only. I’m thinking when the 30-day trial has expired. You’ve got a bug in Comodo “x”, you hit “report bug” button and then get assistance from Comodo support who can then make notes of the problem/bug by viewing your desktop.


It support any kind of errors, from applications to Windows one, not just Comodo products. They can collect info about the error with remote connection to your PC.

Yes, but isn’t that if you sign up for a years support (which is fair enough). I’m thinking when the 30-day trial ends (as LPS is bundled with all Comodo products now). Rather than posting bugs (and I’m not saying this should replace bug reporting on the forum), Live PC Support could be used by Comodo technicians to connect into your computer to visually to see any bugs.


If I could ever connect, I tried it but it never connects for me.

What’s the error message?
Are you using the latest version?
Can you login into your Comodo account?

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I finally got it thnaks, it just took a while to connect, I have to learn to be patient… ;D


Don’t hijack the PC and run silently a cleaning program the first time a person connects with Geekbuddy.

This is not a feature that I appreciate and it risks placing the good name of Comodo amongst the scareware suppliers. My Prevx went crazy and I had no idea what was happening until the agent intervened and stopped it.

A clean needs needs to be explicitly asked and explicitly accepted, not conveyed in a confusing popup message at the begining the first time you use Geekbuddy.

I’m sorry but you cannot base your one experience as an opinion/review of LiveSupport as an whole, there was either a mis-understanding, or mistake, we are all human after all. So in turn, your replies to anything in relation to “LiveSupport”, is scareware… Sorry but that’s just how I feel.

Sorry but are you REALLY saying that I CANNOT ake a proposal for improvement of Live Support based on my experience? I am an experienced PC user for 25 years, used Comodo for 3-4 years, and yes I make mistakes, but the wording is confusing on the first use prompt of geekbuddy, and then it surprisingly goes off and sets of security warnings as a result.

There needs to be an explicit wording and acceptance before it does this. As an experienced user I am saying that in MY OPINON it is not good at the moment.

I agree with your input to help improve the service provided, it was just the ‘scareware, hijjack’ words I did not agree with, and this in turn with your other thread where you stated this was based on your one time session with them, that is all… So do not take this as an insult to you, like you, and everyone else… We all have an opinion which we are entitled to have, question and debate. So we don’t need to know you have 25 years experience to make you seem more credible… heh heh! Only joking, thanks for your reply to my reply.

PS- My addition to the wishlist.

Although I do not mind, that most programs auto-update silently (if you choose the option or secunia does it etc…) or manually/semi manually… it would be nice to have the option included within LiveSupport for those who choose it, or… have the option when it checks for updates, instead of installing straight away… click one of the two options

  1. install now
  2. install and remind me later (even set timer?)

bit like SAS, just my bit, put in another way of saying it… before you jump on me furiously cavehomme ;D

When I got connected to someone (name witheld), I started writing my problem. I assume because I didn’t press ‘enter’ after one minute, the guy ended the session on me!

Judging by the length of time it can take to connect to an operator, I’m sure these guys are a bit busy. However, I think it should be exercised that operators must wait 10 (or 5) minutes for a response, or maybe even some way of them telling when a customer is writing a message (like on MSN/Windows Live Messenger).

I’m only mildly peeved at it, but if I was writing about a problem that was really hindering me or even pissing me off, this would’ve taken me over the edge and I’d be buying a subscription to ESET, Kaspersky etc. right now. -_-

A simple place where logs can be found (like it should be placed on the desktop) <— I say put the logs on the desktop because the average person wouldn’t know where to find log files (In general) AND if there is a issue, the customer can find it and report back the problem with logs available

A separate log for every person that worked on it

If possiable I would like there to be a FREE version of GeekBuddy. (:CLP)