COMODO Live PC Support Wishlist

Please post what you would like to see in upcoming versions of COMODO Live PC Support.

Thank you for your support.

This version has unlimited numbere of PCs for personal use at one location. At least that is what I read one time?

Wondered about a
[ Family Plan ]
with a limit on number of relatives at different locations,

I have 7 in my immediate family with 5 at different locations so the number 10 (some might want it to be larger) came to me, but with a limit on how many computers at each location All family members need to be entered by the original user and all PCs need to verified at the various home locations then laptops can travel. So sons, daughters, dads and mothers, cousins or nieces and nephews (even grandkids or grandparents) would qualify.

Not sure if it is possible, but help with non Comodo software.
Knowing that this may not be available on the first call for assistance.


Comodo does not work well is comaptable with all pcs and windows does not i will tell u why i have comodo firewall pro downloaded a year a go cant unistall it at alll i can download anything on pc cant run it cause of comodo firewall pro i have seen over 100s of complaints about comodo firewall my pc says its not running its running all right lol agains my pc hard drive its gonna cost me costly over 400 american dollars to fix this problem never never again will i ever download this again i can not download chat clients nothing nothing i can not run anything hardly i do not recomend this firewall and firewalls are for buisness program and pcs companies not home pc with windows no no no now i dont know how many virus are on my pc now if i have this program takening off ruin my pc !!! At home

Just like my other reply please don’t post with CAPS, its like shouting and its rude.

Please make your own thread asking for help.

anyone would ■■■■■■ and screaming and mad my pc is tore up cause of comodo firewall pro read your complaints no goood what part u didnt undertstand u want pay for my pc to get fixed omlet guy u want pay for the damages comodo caused my pc problems!!!

I wish to get Free live support for everyone.

It’s a nice thought, but just not possible?! 88)

Hello everyone:
I have nothing but praise for all the comodo products I have been using. Virus,Firewall, cloud scanner. Recently purchased pc support and had a technician fix registry errors etc… my acer442o has been running much faster since the fix. A comodo technician spent at least 1 hour in remote access working on my computer. I must say I was a little apprehensive allowing some one I don’t know take control of my computer but so far i have had no problems and I was given fast and courteous service. 49.95 a year! sounds too good to be true.
did have trouble getting some one to respond upon first attempt and gave up after about 15 minutes. tried again the next morning and got a technicians response in about 5 minutes or lesss.
very happy. :slight_smile:

Glad to be of service newdeacon. Thank you for your support.
We will make sure to improve our service and response times.

thank you again


How about adding VNC functionality into livePCsupport. So, not only Comodo tech support can access your computer remotely but also other Comodo users if you wish (i.e other users with livePCsupport installed).

From the system tray icon it would show your IP address (internal and external) but also add an option to allow you to connect to another user running livePCsupport. Of course, using a secure connection and passworded. I can see this being usefull to someone who recommends CIS (or Comodo products) to their friends, family, etc who could then dial in and fix any problems they may be having.


excellent suggestion Graham1 :slight_smile:

just wait and see what we have in store for you :wink:


That’s my wish to. :-TU

how long for?

is 1 month enough?


Comodo can’t give everything away for free.

Ok. I understand. If they can not no problem. With Comodo you son’t need so much suport :-TU :comodorocks:

A whitelist. Some problems reported by Windows Events are known or the user do not want to solve them (they could be intermittent, etc.). So a whitelist will be good for me.

Why shouldn’t we change the service startup mode to “Automatic (delay)”?
Why should we have it at the very beginning and delaying boot?
The user can’t ask for help that early in the computer… there is no connection, no network drivers loaded, etc.

  1. A timeout for the popup.
  2. A group/category for the warnings (critical, important, medium, low…).
  3. A history of the errors.

Is anybody reading the suggestions?
Am I dreaming?

the dev team read the forums most of them just don’t respond.