Comodo LITE (just firewall and defense+)

it may not seem like it but when you download the latest version of 5.12 from FileHippo it gives the 5.12 2599 build. i tried earlier to see what i would get.

Yes, you just need to get it from the filehippo mirror instead of the main location (which is Comodo and it provides the latest version).

BTW, I just installed 5.12 per my “lite” instructions and works without problems. Will update the main posting to reflect that.

here’s no one diff in the any 5.x’s files set/layout so this howto is applicable to ANY 5.x

Just to report that I had excellent results using Comodo LITE with Bit Defender Free. Bit Defender is top rated in AV Test, AV Comparatives and VB 100, therefore you combine the best from both worlds (classic Antivirus + HIPS Firewall) in a small, fast package. Did I forget to mention free ?

Hello. I have tried this 5.12.256249.2599 (98,142,056 bytes) installation which is supposedly runs in Windows 8 and read the instructions carefully. Unfortunately, with Windows 8.1 x64, I have issues with the “Program Compatibility Assistant” warnings.

When I extract(with 7-zip) and run the cis_setup_x64.msi, I uncheck to install the Antivirus, select ‘Firewall Only’, and select to ‘I do not want to use use Comodo DNS servers’. When the install ends and shows the button to “Finish” the installation, I do so and then I get a warning from the “Program Compatibility Assistant” saying, “This program has compatibility issues”. And the installation does not ask to restart the computer. When ignoring that warning, I am able to successfully run regsvr32 /u “%ProgramFiles%\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cavshell.dll” (only in CMD ADMIN -doesn’t work in normal CMD or Run) And then I’m able to delete the listed files from the install directory. But when I try to install the CFP.exe, I receive the same warning and that installation stops installing as well. I am unable to start or perform Step 6 and that’s when I stop and uninstall what is installed.

I have also tried running both the cis_setup_x64.msi and cfp.exe in Windows Compatibility Mode and tried running the dfp.exe in ADMIN but have the same issues.

I have tried disabling the “Program Compatibility Assistant” as per Brink’s method (link below), but the “Program Compatibility Assistant” still rears it’s ugly head and stops both the cis_setup_x64.msi and cfp.exe from installing.

Any help or guidance is appreciated. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi seeley, welcome to the forums.

I believe that this is for CIS 5.10 only, which was released some time ago now (ie. before even Windows 8). In short, I don’t think this will work for Windows 8.1.

Thank you! Fast response. Do you know of any other light and fast firewall apps that’ll work with Windows 8/8.1? I’m not looking for antivirus or malware removers packaged with it. Thanks again.

Without being a smart rear end: Comodo Firewall v6.3.

Alright, thanks. Is a lighter version available?

To add: This Comodo Firewall 6.3 has zero ergonomics. I was looking at several youtube videos on this and I just don’t get it. Do you have to be a programer/developer to configure and use it? Unusually large learning curve.

Version 5.12 does apparently not work on Windows 8.1 as it was never designed for it.

If your problem with the new UI is with the amount of clicks to get to the advanced settings screens then the situation has changed with v6.2. The main screen now has two faces. Look for the toggle button in the upper left corner and click on it. From there you can go directly to the advanced settings of Firewall, HIPS and Autosandbox like you could with v5.x.

OK. Thanks, Eric. I already had v6.3 installed a few days ago. Within an hour of trying to learn how to setup this app and set it up as minimally as possible, I ended up uninstalling the program because because of it’s learning curve. Also, the app seemed to be overkill for something called “Firewall” despite it’s fairly low RAM usage. I’d hate to see what Internet Security is like. If I decide to give v6.3 another chance, I would like to fully understand how to set it up before-hand, so I can set it up to my liking.

THIS ONEDo know of any EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND tutorials exist for the first time user? I found (can’t even insert a hyperlink - link is below) but it fails to explain all of the options in the installation process. Even the tutorial is long and confusing. I thought maybe the installation of version 5.12 the way Vix123 describes would A. Install a lighter version and B. Install a version with simpler settings/terminology. But it wasn’t compatible (with Win 8.1) and I never got that chance. Thx.

I think the lightest (3.6 megabytes!) HIPS/Firewall that is available for Windows 8.1 is Private Firewall. I gave it a try and it looks very configurable, yet very easy to use for those who don’t like tweaking.

Definitely worth a try. And no “LITE” instructions needed :slight_smile:

Vix, thanks for the tip. I have one question for anyone. I uninstalled Comodo firewall, but I still see an icon in the notifications panel which is CisTray.exe. I thought I cleaned the registry pretty well and I searched cistray in registry as well. Does the existence of of this icon(after uninstall) indicate to anyone that there are still other pieces of Comodo left? How can I remove this icon?

Grazie ;D

install again then un-install via an Uninstaller that search regedit for the ruin :-TU

Which installer? The default one, special one? Are you saying that this installer will clean the registry? I really don’t want to re-install this app. I rather do a system clean install.

if there is something residue in the system tray icon place ? something did not uninstall clearly ? I hope my suggestion will work :-\ I dont know where is the installer ;D

I tried to understand what you were typing. So I uninstalled again the way I knew how. Even tried CIS+Removal+Tool+2013.bat in safe mode. LOL cistray.exe still remains. LOL . I really cannot say anything good about this whole experience. See ya all on the dark side of the moon. Only two days wasted.

I do not know how it possible ;D

Try removing the autorun entry for cistray.exe with a tool like Autoruns from Sysinternals. With the next restart it should be gone. Then remove cistray.exe from the CIS installation folder.