Comodo License activation fails

When i try to activate my license from the e-mail (i’ve used copy/paste and manual entry), i get a pop up box that says the license key is not for Comodo. After 5 times of trying the key expires. I’ve tried this several times with diffrent licemce strings and each time i get the same results.

I’ve used CPF on seeral other machines without a hitch, and i’ve read thru many posts on here, none of which seem to offer an explanation or solution to this. Has anybody got any ideas what’s happening here…?


The error ‘license key is not for Comodo’ usually means only one of 2 things.

  1. You are using the order number (6 or 7 digits) and not the actual activation code.

  2. You are trying to activate the product with an activation code from one of the other products.
    Please note the activation codes are specific to each product.

If neither of these is the case, PM me the order number so that I can take a look at the order.


This turned out to be the date/time being wrong on the machine that MattH had the software installed on.