Comodo letting things slip by

Under TASKS, Define a new banned application, I’ll do the following
ie - WinRar.exe and I’ll specify the parent say, FireFox.exe.
Sometimes after opening a .rar or .zip file, Comodo will give me a pop-up saying that WinRar.exe is using the parent application FireFox.exe to access the internet.
If I deny it, my internet gets cut off.

Is Comodo not working in understanding the new banned rules applications I’m setting?
What’s going on here? ???

Hi kuba

That message is just a warning from CFP… WinRAR (like all compression apps) usually adds entries to Windows Explorer’s right-click context menu & sometimes enforce their use of certain file types (eg. RAR in this case). Any of these actions will be seen as WinRAR modifying Explorer. Since Explorer is the parent of Firefox, thus you were warned.

Assuming that you wish to prevent WinRAR specifically from having access to the Internet, then the best way is to block WinRAR with the parent being learned (ie. not specified when you create the block entry). Most often WinRAR’s parent will be Explorer.

Seeing your other post… hilmi is right. The new version of CFP does have improved OLE handling.