Comodo lets some softwares call back home without notifying me

Hey, first of all I would like to say that I absolutely love the interface and simplicity of Comodo Firewal Pro. I just shifted to version from ZoneAlarm Pro 7.0 trial version and I love it. A very very good job. Well done. But the only thing that I cant agree at all is that Comodo in many cases, I guess because of its preset rules, although I actually scanned the computer for known applications while installing, actually lets some software calling back home without letting me know or allowing some software to connect to the internet without asking me to authenticate it. For example, when programs like Dreamweaver and Photoshop call back home, I would very much like to be notified of there calling back effort. But I am not getting any such popups. Similarly when I loaded Opera internet browser, and I tried to connect to a web site, Comodo didnt ask me for authenticating the connection even the very first time. This gives me the impression that my Windows may communicate with Microsoft servers and pass on some info about me and I will not even know about it cause Comodo will most probably allow all connections to Microsoft. And I dont trust Microsoft to be honest, and I believe I have a right to have my own beliefs and set the security of own PC accordingly. These events is what I believe creates a serious breach of trust for me. I want to be in complete control about which application, howsoever trusted they are, connects to the internet. But with Comodo I am unable to do so. Can you please please fix these major breach of trust issues and allow the user adequate controls when an application or operating system tries to connect to the internet for the first time ?

Also I would like to suggest that Comodo Personal firewall better do something to backup it’s
settings, application control rules and other rules.

Also when can we expect a VISTA compatible version of Comodo , any ideas please ? (:AGL)



I see here that Comodo is going for a March release for version 3.0 :slight_smile: . Kool cause I think that will be Vista compatible too :).

I was just reading that page in firewallleaktester again. And I came acros this acronym – HIPS . What is HIPS ? Why is it so important for a firewall ?

Host Intrusion Prevention System. The latest CAVS beta has a version of HIPS.

Basically it is like a system monitor that warns you whenever a file/program tries to activate on your pc. HIPS tells you what is happening and gives you the option of preventing a file from activation.
This gives an added layer of protection and should in theory even protect against many rootkits. If something nasty gets past your firewall and antivirus scanner (e.g. a new unknown virus) then HIPS will warn you when the intruder tries to do something.


Here is little more info about HIPS in CPF,5025.0.html

Disable the option Do not show any alerts for the application certified by Comodo, and you will be asked for every application going to the internet.

EDIT: You will find it in the Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous.