Comodo let the virus run and add it to trusted files


for many times I got a problem with Comodo. Comodo has problem with infected files that have digital signature.

I would like to know how it is possible that Comodo let run a file that mark as infected on Virustotal. And put it in trusted files (the file has trustful digital signature that is in trusted vendor of Comodo).

Is it enough for Comodo that it is digitaly signed by trusted vendor even it is definitely infected file? As I wrote it did not happen to me for the first time. Now I have about 50 infected files that are “false digitaly sign”. Comodo runs them all.

Does it mean that the virus maker can only digitaly sign his infected files and it is enough for Comodo to have it as trustful?
If so, it is useless to install Comodo because it does not work. How it is possible?

I do not believe it anymore.

I also run this file on Then I run it in sandbox on my PC. Comodo add it to trusted files and let it write on partition C.

You can have a look in the attachment, everything is there. I use latest Comodo firewall. Setting by Chiron. Proactive security ON, Sandbox ON, HIPS ON

here are the links for the files on Camas and Virustotal.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi radek178,

Thank you for reporting this.
We’ll check it.

Karthik R