Comodo LeakTests v.

I just performed leak tests on a recently installed Comodo Firewall. The results were disappointing. My question is what corrective action do I take now? Here’s a little background:

–Dell Inspiron 1525(LAP), Vista Home Premium, 32 bit OS

–Wireless Router (security enabled)

– CIS (installed only firewall plus proactive Defense MAX)

–Bit Defender AV

– Downloaded leak tests from Test My PC Security (Ran all 34 tests)

–Test Results: 100/340

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

That’s odd. I have CIS (Defense+ set to Safe Mode in Proactive Security mode) and I passed all tests.

same here.

Same here. passes all.

+1 to all.

kingrichard: Make sure your blocking all Defense+ Alerts or treating them as Isolated Applications.