Comodo Leaktests - Two Different Results

Hi, I have a question about the Comodo Leaktest. When I first run it, I only score 70/340. But if I leave the Leaktest program window open and click Test again, I score 330/340. Each time I click Test with the Leaktest window open, I score 330/340. But if I close the Leaktest window and start fresh, I only score 70/340.

So I’m wondering if this is normal behaviour for the test. Or if I have something configured wrong. I should mention that this is using Online Armor Free. So I might need to ask at their forum. But I’m asking here first, just in case this is normal for the Comodo Leaktest to do this, or if somebody has seen this happen before.


I doubt its a bug in the test, I never heard of it being flawed. Of course theoretically it could.
But then somebody would probably have noticed that before you then.

You are best of to ask your firewall vendor at the Online Armor forum, since I think it has to do with your firewall configuration, not the test. Anyway have a happy day and good luck! :-TU :slight_smile:

One more thing, the free version of Online Armor is crippled and offers less protection than for instance CIS.
I would recomend you to do a switch, of course Online Armor is not bad…

Its a respected product, I respect it.
But if you go the free way there is no reason to chose Online Armor over comodo.

Thanks for the info. I’ll go ahead and ask about this at the OA forum. If I learn anything, I’ll update here too.