Comodo Leak Test

When we are running the lastest Comodo Security Suite and get a total failure of Comodo’s own leak test, is this telling us that the new suite is total false security. I admit I have the virus defense disabled as I prefer to keep my Avast until the Comdo AV has better exposure , But I doubt that tis would be the cause of the total failure of the test.

Oh and there is no CLT.exe in the zip file so click the dt.exe to run the test

Once Dowloaded Extract The Whole .zip file into it’s own folder, CLT.exe Will be outside of the “plugin” Folder, Run that and it will work.

Do you have defense enabled?

Do you have CFP In Default Settings?


I am running the defense+, and just found that I must turn on the comdo internet security to find the basic set of rules. What would be the optimum security over the internet security differences

I don’t understand your question
I’m sorry

Can you explain a bit more?


When I right click the tray icon and select cinfigurations, I get the chance to choose manage, optimum, or Internet. My question is what is the difference between the optimum and internet settings as the mangae only gives another place to select.

COMODO - Internet Security (which is for the full installation, with Antivirus and Firewall components (Recommended and this is the default choice) )
COMODO - Proactive Security (which is for the full installation with some advanced settings. This choice provides highest security level. This choice is suggested for users who need maximum protection)
COMODO -Antivirus Security (which shuts down the FW Component)
COMODO - Firewall Security (which shuts down the AV Component)


Did this help?

Yes I suppose the Optimum Security setting must only show when the AV is disabled. Thanks
I am rating better and still closing up holes @ 290/340 now

That’s Good to Hear Sky,

I Currently Scored 340/340 With CIS ProActive Security Configurations (With Custom Policy Mode For the FW and Paranoid Mode For The Defense)


Any Other Concerns?

Optimum security configuration was saved from your previous CFP from which you’ve probably updated. This keeps all your old setting while you can choose one of the four new configurations.

Nope, I updated my firewall and ended up with that D$mn CIS, That program is way to un stable as you can see by looking around the forum. You do have to read all and not feel the need to coverup

I also started out with a complete failure (0/340) on the leak tests. I assumed this could only be due to operator error. Turns out I mistakenly ALLOWED each of the clt.exe requests that COMODO alerted during testing (seemed like the right thing to do at the time cuz I DID want clt.exe to do its thing).

After the first time running the tests I removed the D+ and CFP entries created by allowing the requests the first time around. Then I ran the tests again, simply ignoring each alert (I set the alerts display duration to 1 sec, otherwise the test takes forever as it waits for each alert to either be responded to or display timeout before going on to the next test) and this produced a 340/340 score.

I’m running Firewall and D+ both in Safe mode with COMODO Proactive setting.

This may be a stupid question but… I’m assuming that I AM supposed to ignor all of the comodo alerts generated by clt instead of either ALLOW or BLOCK or cancel - right? If so, it would seem that, for these tests, some direction should be given at the outset as to whether/how to respond to COMODO alerts during the tests. Better yet - perhaps better to simply not show any alerts generated by the tests (without disabling alerts that might be generated by other things).

At first I thought the same thing BUT, upon closer inspection it is CLT.EXE all in lower case - its just that with the screen font I’m using the c and l are jammed so close together that clt.exe looks a LOT like dt.exe