COMODO Leak Test Suite Release with 34 Tests! [CLOSED]

Hi Everyone,

We have just released a COMODO Leak Tests Suite, which contains 34 leak tests in one suite. It can be accessed from Test My PC Security.

In this suite, you will find some old leak tests as well as a couple of new leak tests. Some of the new leak tests are created from the fedbcak from COMODO AV Labs and used actively by malware in the wild.

Feel free to test your PCs security. While testing CIS, you need to set CIS to COMODO Proactive Security inorder to get maximum results.


well i dont use the antivirus…
maybe i can test all that with comodo FW & D+ ?
test will be on fresh vista SP1, maybe xp SP3 but it’s time to give a big place to vista,
and it’s maybe some illusion but i feel that comodo is working better with vista,
sometimes if u reboot xp and forgot some rule into D+, u’re locked out. so some safe mode and training setting to reboot in normal mode is ok,
what never happens on vista.
but i allready have to say that the SSS old exploit, that simulated a shutdown works, no interception, no nothing and lot of progs shutdown even if the system doesnt.
so i’m going to delete all D+ rules maybe,
it’s old poor exploit but it keeps doing what it wants by simulating shutdown…
anyone can inform me if i have to set D+ a special way to block this little code ?

i scored 320/340. And i run CFP with d+ on… what’s wrong ?

i failed these tests : 3. Hijacking: ChangeDebuggerPath Vulnerable
4. Hijacking: StartupPrograms

What can i do and why didn’t CFP alert me :THNK

on wich machine u tested ?
virtual one ?
some fresh xp or fresh vista ?
what’s the others apps ?
nothing ?
i’m going to test on some clean OS in real , i don’t like virtual environment, it’s not the user reality and is the bug really over about some exploit able to escape the box to take control over the machine ?
i know it was in february ( not sure ), but they said it was solved except it was not. now i didnt heard about this problem anymore so is it fixed for sure ? was on the most known virtual box, i know u can use some other one but most of people use VMware i think no ?

CVSA, i’ll try to test all that in the night, or i can test your fails before to see if i got probs too.

Am I being blind…? Where do i find “COMODO Proactive Security”…???

Right click on the icon then /Configuration / Manage My Configurations.
Or Miscellaneous /Manage My Configurations /Select

^^ Thanks…

I really dont get this test… Im getting 330/340… No big deal… Just Block all requests when the alert pop-up…

Then what…?

I have my CIS settings for Network Defense set to Safe Mode and D+ set to Clean PC Mode. I changed to Proactive Security. I then ran the test and it passed except for these two:
3. Hijacking: ChangeDebuggerPath
7. Hijacking: Userinit

So, I guess those settings are not strong enough to stop those kinds of attacks. :stuck_out_tongue: If I set the settings any higher, I will never be able to use my computer because of all the popups. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, thanks for the test suite.

Excellent range of tests. Thank you :-TU. Scored 320 with default settings (Internet Security) and as mentioned, gained full marks (340) when changed to Proactive Security.

Just one question. Why doesn’t Internet Security fully protect your system? (as this is the default). I’m thinking that maybe I should choose Proactive Security from now on.

Anyhow, nice testing suite which doesn’t have to be installed. Looking forward to running this up against other users choice of firewalls.


ok i got 340/340 but
tell me how do u block this old exploit
the 2 first.

comodo settings were FW custom and Defense+ paranoid.
i’m going to test avira antivir premium with this test.
and the new OA works with vista they say, maybe it’s time for me to test it and see how it reacts with those tests, i have the feeling that OA will score good, let’s say 200.
for avira antivir premium, i have no idea, let’s see if this AV is really good or just like others AV : Crapola.

[attachment deleted by admin]

help, since i ran this test, i can’t stop my pc and when i reboot, CLT appears before everything (i have to exit 3 times) then windows asks for user name… then starts normally… i’m really disapointed : your log put the mess in my pc (:AGY) (:AGY) (:AGY)

edit: i had to restore my system to get rid of the start login prompt …

I scored 320/340 too (I missed 27.FileDrop and 29.RawDisk) and I am wondering the same question.
And I am wondering also why all of us are scoring 320/340 but missing different tests ???
How can I block my two “passing leak tests” leaving Firewall Security and without setting Proactive Security?

It’s the AV architecture, So D+ has been eased of in places. But you still have 4 default settings in your configurations to switch too - Don’t be worried! Myself? I use Proactive Security. :slight_smile:

Got full marks in this one.


What does it mean? ??? ???

It doesn’t need to be installed, Just downloads and runs.


I’m not sure what it all means but my score was 30 out of 340.
could an informed person please explain.I changed to proactive security before the test

without any security software, i scored 40.

So with CIS i virtually have no security!!!
That is what the test is telling me

Hi rambo,

You need to make sure you block every single Defense+ Alert in that test. It’s simple as that, Just “Remember my Answer” & Block. You will pass all (With Proactive Security).

@Kyle: Malware can jump out of the sandbox.


go to d+ and firewall settings and erase all rules about CLT, re-run CLT blocking all demands.