COMODO Leak Test Suite Ready with 34 Tests [CLOSED]

Hi Everyone,

We have just released a COMODO Leak Tests Suite, which contains 34 leak tests in one suite. It can be accessed from

In this suite, you will find some old leak tests as well as a couple of new leak tests. Some of the new leak tests are created from the fedbcak from COMODO AV Labs and used actively by malware in the wild.

Feel free to test your PCs security. While testing CIS, you need to set CIS to COMODO Proactive Security inorder to get maximum results.


I just ran the test (Defense+ in Paranoid Mode and firewall in Custom Policy Mode), and of course, CIS passes them all! It’s not a surprise, as it would be kinda stupid by a security vendor to release a set of tests that its own product can’t pass. 88)
Also gave it a try with CIS disabled on a limited user account and administrator account (on Windows XP SP3) just to have something to compare it with. I got 80/340 points on the administrator account, and 240/340 on the limited user account. So for safety, CIS > Limited user account > Administrator account.

Just ran the test, scored 280/340. I did miss a few, so how do I go about getting them secured?

Also I just updated to the newest version of Comodo.

Tried test with block-all mode and paranoid mode, and I ended up failing the same ones.

EDIT: haha, looks like the site you linked too missed the same ones I did. And we got the same score.

I run CIS real time scanning enabled, firewall in custom, D+ in paranoid, I stealth my ports to everyone. I ran the test and stopped 340 of 340 (in fairly rapid time).

I attached my scores for Vista SP1. CIS has anti-virus, firewall, and D+. I run the firewall in Safe Mode and D+ in Clean PC Mode. I switched the profile to Proactive mode, though. This is not a bad score. :slight_smile: Basically the default install settings. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, I re-tried it while changing my configuration to “Optimum security” and I only missed two, and scored 320/340.

New version is out: