Comodo Leak Test Defense+ Events for 340/340

As many have failed to get a perfect score using CLT.exe, Here are the events I had logged to get 340/340.

You need to check the times to see the order.

These were obtained using CIS in default configuration.

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Did tou test it with the Sendbox or without it?

I have this problem too I get 310/340 with senbox. Not only that, the CLT says the my OS is Windows Vista SP0 build 7600, witch is not correct, I am using Win 7 32 Ultimate.

If you look at the screenshots you can see everything that was sandboxed during the test, I am using Windows7 x64 and CIS is exactly as it was installed, with no changes.

I set CIS to proactive mode. What are the changes between the default configuration and procative mode?

That is what I have been asking too, see this topic:

Very little difference now it seems.

hmm tried to disable Image Execution Control, didn’t work. And only if I set it to treat as “blocked” it blocks the CLT, “untrusted” give me 330/340…

BTW, do you have the latest updates?

If you mean Windows, yes.

CIS is the 1135 general release installed after uninstalling the RC3 and importing no configs.

Does the way you removed the last version may produce a problem like this one?
If so, How did you removed RC3? general uninstaller or with revo like unistallers?
I removed CIS 4.1 with the general uninstaller and removed some reg paths with CCleaner.

I posted this topic so that people failing to get 340/340 would have a list of the events which occur with a perfect score to compare with their own list. It is interesting to see that browsers etc are also sandboxed during the test, although I have nothing untrusted on my system except CLT.

I don’t understand what problem you mean?

OK, this is my output, there are few changes…

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edit: ah, nevermind, it seems I have to modify some settings to have 340/340…

woops… 190/340 ^^;

Windows 7 x64.
Previously had CIS 4 installed, uninstalled it, rebooted, installed CIS 5, kept default settings (firewall, antivirus, sandbox, defense+).
What I disabled: Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, UAC.

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You have fewer entries, so presumably the tests work differently for different installed programs. I don’t know how the tests actually operate. Maybe someone who does will advise.

“5. Do steps 1, 2, & 3 above again. Then, run CLT with the sandbox enabled. You may see an alert that CLT was automatically sandboxed. The CLT program window should appear. Click the “Test” Button in CLT and, from this point onward, click “block” when a CIS alert appears. Now check your score. How did you do? I scored 320/340 (failed “Impersonation: Explorer as Parent” and “Impersonation: Coat”). Apparently, some tests may fail because the sandbox allows the leak to run in the sandbox, but the sandbox still should prevent the leak from compromising the system.”

so it seems that its ok what ever we get…

Yeah, it will be great.