Comodo launching IE instead of Firefox.

I have Firefox as default browser, but I guess it happens with other browsers as well.
When I click on “browse support forum” in the “misc” section, it opens an Internet Explorer window.

Does for me too, and I have Opera as the default browser.

I actually never click that since I have this forum bookmarked.

Sometimes you need to force the default. Go to Start → control panel → add remove programs → set program access and defaults → custom. Scroll down until you see “choose a default web browser” and instead of “use current” click the button by "mozilla firefox. It may not work for sded in Opera but should for Trevor using Firefox.


It is also possible that the programmers insert code which tell the program to launch IE instead of the default program… If you want to be sure, what JJasper is saying is the right thing to do…

All the defaults are properly set to Opera (in VIsta) and CFP still insists on using IE. So probably coded that way or in the registry for CFP.

It’s not a bug in CFP. I had similar issue, after clicking on mentioned link in CFP, it opened Notepad++. I found out that I had ■■■■■■■ default browser association.

Setting Firefox as default browser when it was launching didn’t help. I had to force it by following these instructions:

Force Firefox to make itself the default

If Firefox already thinks that it is default, exit Firefox completely, go to “Start Menu → Run” and enter this into the text box:

firefox.exe -silent -setDefaultBrowser