Comodo Launch Pad won't recognize Comodo Personal Firewall [Resolved]

I installed CPF first and then antivirus, and I thought that I may have to install CPF after I have launch pad for it to recognize, but it seems that even after uninstall and reinstall, CLP will not recognize CPF in the applications list.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi and welcome,

Comodo firewall has been removed from the launchpad and the latest beta of the antivirus also has launchpad removed.

Due to user requests Launchpad is being phased out on all comodo products, but may be available as an optional download in future.


Where is the beta of anti-virus?

Edit: I looked around and it seems that Beta is only for the Beta Testers. If there is anyway that normal people like me can get it, then please let me know.

You can just download it from the beta forum thread.
“beta testers only” means that you should be aware that it’s a beta program that can have some bugs. Read the thread on the latest to see what kind of bugs it seems to have for some or all users, so you know what to expect.
Remember to report any bugs in that thread, so Comodo can fix them.
Good luck.