Comodo Launch pad not used properly?

I like the Comodo Software but do not understand why not all security software installs in the Comodo launch pad. I think the software will be much more controleble if it would work fron one application like Norton or McAfee. Now it’s drifting arount on my harddisk and muliple shortcuts to different Comodo software. One place to controle and one program to check if all security software is ok ore need attention.


When CLP (Comodo Launch Pad) had both CAVS & CFP integrated into it and neither CAVS or CFP had their own systray icons, there was public demand to drop CLP from both CAVS & CFP. I believe this mainly stemmed from users only using 1 Comodo product, where the use of CLP is questionable. Comodo ran a Poll & the results were fairly clear, the users wanted it dropped. Many, myself included, felt this was just because many were only running 1 Comodo application where CLP is an obvious hindrance. The majority won & CLP was dropped. Personally, I still think it will make a come back when the majority are using more than 1 Comodo application. CLP is not forgotten… CLPs Wish List is here.

I heard about this too…
And also about the ad-ware nonsense stuff.
And I agree that if someone uses only one comodo app., than they dont need clp. But it could be a separate/standalone/optional program, that only those will install who need it. I mean it shouldn’t be bundled with any of the comodo apps. or at least should be optional to install. This way both with it and against it would be satisfied.

I could not agree more. :BNC
I use a minimum of 3 COMODO programs and want a “central” program to monitor ALL the COMODO programs I am running (:CLP)…NOT seperate icons in the system tray!
Personally, I hope kail is right …and IMHO…the sooner the better! (:KWL)

I see this stirred up an old case (:TNG)

I think what Blas writes is a beautiful option to satisfy all. Make the CLP a stand alone program so when used more than one Comodo product you can install it and it becomes automatic the central of your Comodo software. :BNC

Yep, an optional CLP is what I asked for as well. I can only suggest that you add your wish to CLPs Wish List.

Done :■■■■